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V Synch causes image flashing when changing views

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I am using WIN 7 and GTX 580 card with Driver 311.06, with FSX.CFG and NVIDIA inspector. I have an LCD monitor. I fly the PMDG 737 NGX. I have noted that using V synch forced on or with the refresh rate at 1/2 allows significant improvement in smoothness, but it creates an odd effect which is difficult to describe.


When changing  views by pressing "A" on the keyboard or also by using the numpad  by pressing as examples  "4" or "6" key etc to look out  the side of the cockpit,  I get flashing of images for a split second like it cannot decide which one to use, or as if  it is repeatedly changing the view back and forth every nanosecond  two or three times and then it stops settling on the view that I changed it to. This happens so fast that it is hard to see  exactly what is visually going on but it is prominent and annoying.


With V synch off I simply instantly go the the view in question. So this issue is clearly related to the V Synch feature enabled in NVIDIA inspector.


Panning in the virtual cockpit is fine. I  do not use any addons like EZDOK.


I tried this using the FSX  default Airbus 321 which has a virtual cockpit and 2-D popup panels, and it does not happen, leading to believe this comes from some idiosyncracity of the PMDG panels and their  interaction with VSynch feature.

I have rarely heard others describe this in other forums,  when the V Synch 1/2 refresh rate tweak was introduced,  but no cause or solution has been put forward. So I wanted to bring it up here to see if anyone else has this experience or knows the solution. I have not tried changing drivers, don't really want to unless I was sure the driver was the issue.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. This really mystifies me.

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Greg, full names in the PMDG forums please.


I never found VSynch to improve "smoothness" (even with my old ATI card and slower CPU), so my first reaction is you have created a problem.  Go back to VSynch-off and start from there to achieve the fluidity you desire.  Not sure if you have a measurement for "smoothness" but terms that are useful are stutter, micro freeze and freezes.  The flashing you see might be how your driver is swapping views and how that interacts with the VSynch lock... make sure your frames are not limited to 30, use 33 or some other value that will not interfere with the VSynch.


I know very little about all the display settings except what works for one computer does not work the same for another... many variables. You'll have to find your own sweet spot.


And by the way, the current NVidia driver is 352.86 and it seems to be working very well with both FSX and P3D.

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Not sure if you're using DirectX 9 or 10, but I've seen some weird graphical anomalies when using DirectX 9, that I didn't see with DirectX 10.

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