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I don't know what to do anymore

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It does after you start to weigh it down with heavy 3rd party addons. Consider addons like fsglobal and all the orbx terrain stuff.....they increase the load time. An ssd cures that greatly.


Plus..having a separate drive other than c gives you an upgrade path where you can swap in a different drive without having to reinstall. So if you start with a small sized ssd you can move to a larger down the road easily.


Will an SSD really make that big of a difference? Maybe when the next upgrade of P3D comes out that requires a complete reinstall, I'll get a dedicated SSD for P3D.

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Louis if you just click on the link I supplied you would see that there is a P3D only version as well as an FSX and a FSX/P3D..




Yes, I have that version. Had it since the day of release and have been a customer of A2A since the earliest days with every single one of their aircraft.


The FSX version - which is what our OP has - will not install and is not licensed for P3D.


My comment was made in the light of knowing that he had the FSX version, but not knowing if he had the solus or the dual installer, which seems unlikely as the P3D installation seems to be a `now` idea rather than one in planning for many months.


I'm sure he'll be back in to clarify, because unless he has the dual installer he cannot and shouldn't install the FSX version into P3D..

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"and then my A2A Comanche and I did pay a few pounds more for the dual installer."


good day Sir...



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Hello again... I'm back :BigGrin:


So far so good... P3D working fine now with REX4 TD, REX Soft clouds (a new purchase... I couldn't resist) and Active Sky Next for P3D. Using the stock aircraft that ship with P3D frame rates are quite high. However, no scenery added yet and no additional aircraft. Slight tweaking of the config file as suggested by almost all and minor alteration to nvidia inspector also. I have checked my A2A Comanche 250 order (download) and I did purchase the dual installer... although you now have me a bit concerned. The loss of my A2A 172 and Cherokee, plus my PMDG NGX 737 and 777 was a bit much... if the Comanche doesn't work... even though I'm sure I have access to the right version... that just leaves me with my Real Air Beechcraft Duke... and I haven't even thought about that one yet. If that doesn't work either, then I have no other add-on aircraft at this moment.


Louisdecoolste... I have been planning this for a while, looking at P3D and it's add-ons in the first instance and only now, with the support that has been shown here, have I thrown caution and money to the wind and taken the plunge. My planes and scenery are not lost, just shelved for now... just in case a move back to FSX has to happen. And if P3D 3.0 becomes a totally new package that requires new purchases again, then that could be a problem. I am concerned that Lockheed Martin provide access to P3D for academic purposes. In reality this could mean that they change the product at will, with little regard for the 'bonus sideline' that is the flight sim community. After all, this is not their main business. So I only want, I only need one single engine plane up and running for now... I'm hoping the Comanche will do it... if not, I will shop around.


I am finding the support and discussions from the avsim community absolutely invaluable, there is so much to learn and so many things to try. Next up Orbx Scenery, Ezdok (Froogle knows how), Track IR5 and thats it for while... some serious flying to do for a bit... if all is well.


Thank you



Ray Taylor

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