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how to use Scenery Config Editor with Simstarter

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I use the Scenery Config Editor to manage my scenery....reason is I can turn on and off just one airport easily without worrying about scenery profiles (even though they are a very cool feature of SimStarter).  So I see in the intro video that you entered that manager but how do you actually use it when launching Simstarter ?

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Hi Mark,


there are three ideas of using sceneries with SIMstarter:


Idea 1: SIMstarter does not touch enything:

You can just use SIMstarter without changing anything to your scenery configuration. Just leave the Dropdown List at the "ScenerySet" Tab at "No changes to scenery.cfg". All scenery related changes have to be done outside SIMstarter


Idea 2: SIMstarter uses an external Configuration Tool like "SceneryConfigEditor"

With this setting you can select a scenery.cfg file of your choice within each SIMstarter profile. You can prepare those Scenery configurations with an external tool and simple use it with SIMstarter. SIMstarter will copy the new file and replace the existing scenery.cfg file.

See HowTo:


Idea 3: SIMstarter uses  ScenerySets

ScenerySets includes deativated scenery areas. You can create multiple ScenerySets and combine them. From my point of view thats the best way to managed your sceneries. Whenever new sceneries are added to your scenery.cfg it will be correct handled by SIMstarter because the ScenerySets does not contain a copy of your scenery.cfg but just the title of your deactivated areas (sceneries) of that ScenerySet.

Maybe you could have a small view into the video guide:


Hope that answers your question?

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