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vPilot and FS2Crew

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Ok, I have searched the forums and I did not see anything about my problem so it might just be a configuration on my end.


I fly on Vatsim and I use vPilot to connect to their servers. I just downloaded the iFly 737NG Series as well. I have not flown the 737NG on Vatsim yet because I have been learning the FMC and Nav operations. When I used any other plane (CRJ700) on Vatsim and connected with vPilot I didn't have any communication problems thru my microphone, the controllers heard me clearly.


I installed FS2Crew for less workload in the 737NG (Which is Awesome BTW!!). FS2Crew works fine by itself and the speech recognition works great and recognizes me clearly when I speak. I have been using Speech Recognition for other games as well for about a year now so I know that is setup properly.


When I run vPilot and FS2Crew together, FS2Crew does not recognize my voice AT ALL while vPilot is running. If I close vPilot, then FS2Crew works again after I close FSX completely and reload without vPilot. This is frustrating because I need vPilot to connect to Vatsim.


I am not sure if there is a setting checked wrong or if they conflict with eachother but they will not work together period!


Someone please help me troubleshoot this. I am extremely computer savvy so geek talk will work with me. :smile:


I tried using FSInn but when I start that program it freezes my Simulator so thats why I went with vPilot. Is there a suggestion for a different program for Vatsim that doesn't conflict with FS2Crew?


Any help is appreciated!!



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Anyone else?


I've never used VPilot, but it sounds like it's somehow monopolising the mic input.  How it would do that, I don't know.


I'd fire off a support email to their devs.  Maybe they have an idea.

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You could try opening the recording/microphone properties and de-selecting 'Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device'.


I don't have the issue as I run vPilot on a client.

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