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Heavy stuttering...need help please!

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Hey folks!

I recently made the change from FSX to P3D and i have a quite stuttery P3D with steady FPS at 60 on a 120 Hz Monitor.
Flying and panning around is really jerky and the sim is not enjoyable for me.

I have observed, that the stutters go away as soon as is press P and pause the sim. Everything smoothens up then.
Repressing P gives me stutters again.

Has anybody experienced this? Or has a clue on this?

My specs:

I7-3820 @ 4.5 Ghz
Asus X79 Sabertooth
Nvidia GTX970
Win 7
P3D is freshly installed and untweaked except Optimize Parts =1

I lowered all Graphics, tried different vSynch and Refreshrate options as well as different ways of limiting
the Framerate. Nothing helped so far.

Quite similar problem with FSX:SE which never had any problems before.

So...many thanks in advance!


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Try limiting your frames to 30.  That's all you need.


Best regards,

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Thanks for your reply but limiting it to 30 FPS makes stuttering even worse.



The stuttering/pause problem applies to FSX:SE as well.



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From personal experience, I too thought to lowering the frames, but my frames never got to 30 or 33 or even 45 and I still had stutters.  Setting your frames to unlimited achieved much higher frames (weird huh?).  Anywho, set your frames to unlimited, do NOT set a framerate in nVidia Inspector, if you use it (if not, you should anyways).  The trick I found to reduce the stutters is to change your graphics driver to something older.  Driver version 353.30 works the best for me.  It didn't get rid of the stutters, but it did reduce the stuttering to a point where it wasn't annoying.

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I deinstalled P3D and FSX:SE and went back to FSX Boxed Edition.

Now everything runs smooth...too bad that i would like to play P3D :P


What are P3D and FSX Steam doing different that they produce thist stuttering?

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