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Jumpstart starts in ocean

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Your program is very good but I find that when I use "Override starting position" in Prepar3d V2.5 the plane will allways start in the ocean. If I use "Show position in GoogleEarth" with a new start position then the plane will be shown at the original saved files position and not the override starting position.



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Hi Pero


I thought that the statement above was really giving you no information so I have looked further into it.


I have P3d 2.5   simstarter 2.6.3  make runways


I started P3d and saved the start location  A2A 182 at YTBH Bathurst parking 2.   Lat 33 24 47.43 South

                                                                                                                                Long 149 39 15.8 East


Jumpstart overide to same location  and SimStarter.log shows


================================== NEW <PREPAR3D> OVERRIDE STARTPOS at 9/09/2015 9:32:56 AM
9/09/2015 9:33:39 AM OVERRIDE STARTPOS DONE SELECTED < Park 2 -- GA Ramp Small,YBTH,Park,2,-33.414546,149.653291,10.0,107.5,2 >
9/09/2015 9:33:39 AM OVERRIDE STARTPOS DONE VARSET LAT=N-33° 24' 52.37" - LON=E149° 39' 11.85" - HDG=107.5
================================== END <PREPAR3D> OVERRIDE STARTPOS at 9/09/2015 9:33:39 AM



So you can see that so far all is Ok. However when you start up P3d you are started in the ocean. Checking the map coords in prepar shws that the plane goes to

                                                                                          Latitude S0 o.oo

                                                                                          Longitude E149 39.20

                                                                                          Heading 102.4


If you look into SimStarter.ini this is the location given


PREPAR3Dsituation=C:\Users\Ken\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files\A2A 182 YTBH parking 2
PREPAR3DposTXT=YBTH -- Park 2 -- GA Ramp Small
PREPAR3DposLAT=N-33° 24' 47.43"
PREPAR3DposLON=E149° 39' 15.8"



Looking at SimStarter Jumpstart.fxml you see


        <Section Name="Sim.0">
            <Property Name="Sim" Value="C182_N516DM" />
            <Property Name="Descr" Value=" " />
        <Section Name="SimVars.0">
            <Property Name="Latitude" Value="N-33° 24' 47.43"" />
            <Property Name="Longitude" Value="E149° 39' 15.8"" />
            <Property Name="Altitude" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="Pitch" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="Bank" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="Heading" Value="99.5" />
            <Property Name="PVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="BVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="HVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="XVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="YVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="ZVelBodyAxis" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="SimOnGround" Value="True" />
            <Property Name="OnPlatformHeight" Value="-9999999999" />
            <Property Name="AssociationID" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="HealthPoints" Value="1" />



After stopping the sim and looking at Previous Flight.fxml you can see that the latitudes are lost


        <Section Name="SimVars.0">
            <Property Name="Latitude" Value="S0° 0' 0.01"" />
            <Property Name="Longitude" Value="E149° 39' 15.80"" />
            <Property Name="Altitude" Value="+000001.16" />
            <Property Name="Pitch" Value="-0.83024417816942886" />
            <Property Name="Bank" Value="14.461944681431877" />
            <Property Name="Heading" Value="99.542776543925655" />
            <Property Name="PVelBodyAxis" Value="0.0039867220172827462" />
            <Property Name="BVelBodyAxis" Value="0.0052909897713872955" />
            <Property Name="HVelBodyAxis" Value="-0.00027951026214806331" />
            <Property Name="XVelBodyAxis" Value="0.10751519086046012" />
            <Property Name="YVelBodyAxis" Value="0.27944540346723884" />
            <Property Name="ZVelBodyAxis" Value="0.0013425771375043952" />
            <Property Name="SimOnGround" Value="True" />
            <Property Name="OnPlatformHeight" Value="-9999999999" />
            <Property Name="AssociationID" Value="0" />
            <Property Name="HealthPoints" Value="1" />



I hope you will be able to make sense of this and why the latitude is not being placed into Prepare

Thanks for your help



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Hello again.


I have been looking at this some more and noted a few points.

SimStarter is loading the latitude for the southern hemisphere as <Property Name="Latitude" Value="N-33° 24' 47.43"" />

Prepar shows the location as Latitude S33 24 47.3

Google earth shows it as Latitude  33°24'47.43"S


I have since tried the quick start in the Northern hemisphere where Latitude N is a positive with no problems. Is it simply because Simstater is doing the Latitude as

N-33° 24' 47.43&quot and not as S33° 24' 47.43&quot



Just a thought



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Hi Ken,


thank you for that hint. It should have been fixed already...

I've double checked this issue and confirm this bug.


Hope to fix it soon.


Fall comes and should spend some coding time after summer break.

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             Im glad it helped. Keep up with the program ,you are doing a wonderful job.



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