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SLOW loading terrain texture !

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hey ,

    When the aircraft turns i notice (while looking out the window ) the terrain textures(visible just outside ) are slowly loading up , its not blurries per se but i can see that there is a slight lag or there is slow terrain texture loading occurring .
I tried with scenery complexity /autogen all three sliders set to zero and still this problem occurs.
Tried changing aircrafts also (to less complex ones).
Could somebody please help me solve this , its very bugging !
 Aircraft : PMDG  or even default F-16
SCENERY :GEX p3D and UTX v2.0 for p3d v3 
SYSTEM: i7 4770k 4.4GHz, 780Ti,ram :8GB ..decent system..
I have provided links to screen shots for reference:
In one shot you can see the partially loaded tile texture(red boundary) and in the next the complete texture for that tile (if i can call it that) has loaded, and i can see this happen when the aircraft turns.
Also i have no idea how i am getting a constant 50 or so FPS :/
hope the info is enough. !
kind regards,

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Hi Jaff


Well they look normal to me, its how textures are loaded. The only thing you can do it set LOD to max.


Also if you run locked FPS it can help also IF you can keep some head room, your locked at 60 and cannot reach it. Try 31 or 30.

I run 31 fps locked and also use this tweak, 


Its here on LM web site.




See how you get on with that. But you will if you look close always see what your seeing  the above will help.


60 FPS or close to it is fine with the PMDG 777, have a look though my guild in my sig it might help you get some more fps.

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hey david,



      The thing is its difficult to showcase the issue through screen shots, basically as the aircraft moves i can see  the Terrain textures become laggy and load up one after other or rather they get clearer after a delay.


Thanks for the tips , will try out and let you know the result !


kind regards,



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Hi Jaff,


The other thing you could try is enabling Hyperthreading (if it isn't already), as that seems to help with terrain texture paging. Also, do you have any tweaks in the cfg?

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hey Dylan,


   ah initially tried without any tweaks but later on Changed TBM to 80 , and just today added texturemaxload=6.


Hyperhtreading results in P3d crash often as i have an Overclock of 4.4ghz the system is not stable when HT is on. 


The thing is non of the tweaks are making much of a difference out here (at least on my pc) .


Tried what david suggested above and sadly did not solve the issue.


guess i just have to stop looking out the window too often :D


kind regards,



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