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Video Discussion: Take another look at Outerra

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Name: Take another look at Outerra

Category: Outerra Videos

Date Added: 17 October 2015 - 04:26 PM

Submitter: HiFlyer

Short Description: A quick view of Outerra: Try the C-172 now in the DEMO


Hmmmmmm.... My first try using Youtube supplied music......... Anyway.....


Try The C-172 now included in the Demo. Take a look at OUTERRA!


Latest Updates

Version (16 Oct 2015)

  • scenery editor update - leveling
  • basic differential support for vehicles
  • fixed snow material missing from friction data
  • fixed multi-material import
  • fixed object visibility issues
  • deferred UI loading to fix a slight freezing after start
  • fixed UI vertical offset when window size is larger than the screen

Version (22 Sep 2015)

  • tire friction depending on surface material
  • default vehicle steering slower with higher speeds
  • fixed black screen in MSAA modes

Version (19 Sep 2015)

  • extended controls support for vehicles and aircraft (see defaults/iomap/readme.txt for technical details)
  • moved iomap/xxx.default.cfg to defaults/iomap/xxx.cfg
  • default bindings for trim (ctrl + action key)
  • separate altitude-hold (shift A) and Stability Augmentation System (shift S) for heli,
  • F12 shows new controls UI
  • scenery editor update, ctrl modifier for forced mouse panning
  • updated mig29, c172, ah64, c172 & mig29 sound updates (uriah, kw71, levi)
  • c172 made available in demo mode
  • added a fire(pos,dir,speed,caliber,color) method to aircraft/vehicle for firing plasma rays
  • added test/demo fire event handlers (left mouse button) to T817 and MiG
  • fixed tracer burn lights being offset from the landing position and sometimes burning forever
  • rotation vector normalization to geomob joint rotation functions
  • planet cfg saved at exit
  • hud distance working in full range into star background
  • added option to not use imperial units in aircraft hud
  • fixed moon lighting, flickering at atmo boundary
  • fixed rivers in stereo mode
  • sRGB texelFetch bug detection handling the MSAA mode as well (pale grass bug)
  • fixed crash after the first road waypoint was deleted
  • fixed invisible leading road segments
  • fix for spikes on terrain from roads going through lowest tile point (needs reapplying the road)
  • added "strict" property into objdef, newly imported objects = true, old ones default to false; causes "use strict" in vehicle/aircraft scripts
  • fixed jsbsim wind vector
  • fixed HID config not being saved for new non-calibrated devices

Version (20 Aug 2015)

  • new scenery editor on alt-F1 (alpha)
  • support for basic vector rivers (not persistent yet)
  • new weather settings in F11, cloud coverage, wind settings
  • wind affecting aircraft, grass, tress ...
  • sunlight and moonlight levels modulated by adjustable cloud cover
  • monochromatic rendering in low light conditions to simulate human eye
  • moon model (not procedural yet), correct position and phase, affects night lighting levels


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