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V1.4 Flight Test - For Flysimware

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OK, I did as you suggested and flew a flight with V1.4 and with the Dimmer Cab file disabled. Here are my results:


1 - OOM:  I think you are correct regarding the lights (interior) being an issue. This flight was 584 nm and no OOM. It was done with my usual settings that I do all my flights on (reasonably high settings), all done in Norway (Orbx fat region) and featured an IFR approach at the end under IFR conditions, and there was no hint of any OOM issues. However, it's important to point out that by disabling that dimmer cab file in both the panelGNS and panelMAIN files, I had no interior lighting at all; not just the dimming functions. So whether it's the dimmer or some combination of other lights, I don't know, but this flight was completely smooth throughout. I would say you are on to something here.


2 - Trim:  I still have no trim indications on the trim gauge, nor does the TO TRIM caution lamp extinguish when the trim is moved full travel (the trim itself functions, but there is no indication on the gauge). There is also no indication of position in flight. Interestingly, prior to flight the gauge shows the trim being fully up. At the end of the flight the gauge was deflected full down. When it moved from one position to the other, I really can't say.


3 - Fuel Computers:  This may be addressed somewhere on the forum so correct me if I'm not up to date here, but whereas the ignition lamps would extinguish once the engine was started with the Fuel Computer switches on in previous versions, they don't now. Again, I seem to have seen something somewhere on this, but I can't find it offhand at the moment.


4 - Pressurization Controller:  That worked fine on ascent, but on descent I rolled it down to sea level. I actually meant to level it off at 1000 ft (due to airport elevation), so I tried to roll it back up again (I was still on descent and still pretty high). The dial refused to move again once it was full travel down. This sounds similar to one person's complaint about the trim, in that once it had gone full travel one way, he couldn't move it the opposite way again. I think some gauge logic here is a problem, which may be affecting several components, including the trim. Might be a place to start looking.


5 - Flight Dynamics:  The aircraft seems to wallow pretty badly once you get it to approach speed (Vref + 20). I'm using higher Vref's than your leaflets give and still the aircraft is pretty tough to handle. It's like flying in a bowl of jello. Make a correction one way and it wants to keep going, so you correct the other way and back you go too far the other. There is little to no stability. It's a bit like a dutch roll, which I know the Lears can be prone to, but my tip tanks were empty and the yaw dampers on. At 140 kts, the aircraft should still have some crispness to it, but this one was really bad in that respect. My control sensitivities are all cranked to the max, along with the realism sliders.


V1.4 has made some serious strides, and I think things are going in the right direction. We need to be able to get our interior lights back of course, so I'm wondering if taking out the dimmer switch only might just do the trick. At present it appears that the dimmer removes all interior lighting from what I could tell (stay tuned though, I'm going to go back in and confirm something on this). The trim issue must be resolved. Both on the ground and in the air. This aircraft can't be flown (either in FSX in terms of being on the ground preparing for takeoff, or legally IRL, which presumably this aircraft is attempting to simulate). The dials for both the trim and the pressurization may be exhibiting behaviour caused by a single issue, so I think that's worth investigating further. Perhaps you could confirm or address the fuel computer light illumination function during start for me please. Lastly, the FDE's really need stiffening up when you get the airplane slowed up. What I'm seeing right now is more typical of an aircraft very close to the stall, and given any turbulence, would be all but impossible to fly.


I hope this helps. Thanks.

I wanted to confirm that the interior lights were totally gone by disabling the dimmer cab file in both locations, as my flight above was during the day and stretching into dusk only. So I reloaded at night and tried the switches but yes, there are no interior lights at all with those cab files disabled.

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Thank you for the fuel computer issue as when i lowered the idle i needed to update a code for this. I have fixed this tonight.


For the trim gauge the needle range is only 0 to 3.8 on the tooltip. Takeoff is 4 to 6 degrees or 1.5 to 2.4 on the tooltip. We keep going back and forth on this and not sure why your having an issue as some others in the thread also say it working for them. I thought maybe you did not notice it only shows trim up within that small range. Which means you can only see trim movement when getting ready for takeoff. Also the trim light is working and goes out when between 4 and 6 degrees. During a flight you will not see any indication since the trim will be in the down position or minus values on the tooltip. See if this description i just wrote helps. keep me updated.


The pressurization knob is default coding and there is no logic that can cause this. This might be high VAS. Test the trim and pressure at a default airport and see what happens.


I will improve the aileron stability. Thanks!


V1.4 will now have 3D taxi and ground lights as i just finished them tonight. 

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On the trim gauge, I did watch the gauge as I moved the trim full travel but still no indication. I don't have tool tips on but I'm certain that it would show the actual trim position had it been on as the trim itself is working. However, as I say, the needle never moved and the TO Trim caution lamp never extinguished as I worked the trim through the full range.


Yeah, that's strange. Maybe it is high VAS. That probably means my system just isn't up to running the aircraft I guess,


OK, glad I could help. At this point I need to move on to other things (both FS and unrelated to FS), so I'll leave things in your capable hands. I'm sure the others here will be able to help out as well. As it does now look like it's my system (since so few, if any) are having the issues I am, I guess I'll have to accept that this add on isn't going to work on my system and that's life unfortunately.


All the best.

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I would like to suggest reducing the speed of the pitch trim motion as it makes trim adjustments difficult at high airspeed. If you can dial it down 50% or so might be a good compromise and would smooth out the pitching motion when using pitch trim and hand flying.The actual aircraft uses a lower trim speed when flaps are retracted as it requires less trim motion at higher airspeed. I also noticed when extending the spoilers that it induces a pitch up motion, in level flight at altitude it had little or no affect on airspeed so it is not producing much drag.In the actual aircraft spoiler extension will induce a rather pronounced pitch down motion and does produce the drag to allow you to "go down and slow down".

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I have struggled for days (like BeaverDriver) to see the trim settings.  I think I've sussed it now.

Hold cursor over the trim up/down switch.  The tool tips show the trim reading (but this is not necessary).

The trim guage needle will either be straight up or straight down.  

As you trim (using joystick or keyboard) the needle will not move at all - for ages.  

Then if you watch it will start to move towards centre - and in less than a few clicks it has swung right round to the opposite end.  

After you realise this it is easy to catch it and set the trim needle in take off range.


Just flown version 1.4 from KSNA to KSFO and near perfect flight  Great aircraft FLYSIMWARE thanks!

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