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Problem with Acronis 2015

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Been using this for few years now, previous O&O disk image.


After lots of pain from p3d fsx issues, decided to go mega on storage for backup so that I can backup more often without worrying about space.


Acronis 2015 offerd unlimited cloud storage so purchased that.


Turns out Acronis cloud storage is so slow, could take weeeeks just to backup p3d!!!!.


So purchased WD 5T network drive. and unsubscribed Acronis cloud.


Turns out Acronis cannot do incremental backups to external drive, fails 80% of the way always.


Lots of angry custoerms on AAcronis forum, cause this issue known since 2009.


Acronis backup is a ripoff

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Its not even restore Acronis is failing on, it works all ok as long as you not using external drive.


If using external drive, initial backup is ok, incremental backups to that initial image basically keep getting read errors every few minutes all the way to the end, basically does not, Tried the crap windows backup and that stored to external network no issues. but windows backup is crap when you need options.


Second time you mentioned macruim, gona have to check it out.


Thanks for the tip.


DONT BUY ACRONIS 2015 !!!.  They knew about this issue with their products since 2009.

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I've been using Acronis True Image (currently the 2016 version) for many years, backing up my complete system every week to an external USB3 drive (full every 6 weeks and incremental in between). The full backup takes 380GB. I have never had this issue.



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Any cloud storage takes long to restore bug files. I use Macrium Reflect with a small backup HD. Incremental backups every 2 days.  Saved me many times from corrupted files.

My experience as well.


Always works, every time.

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I am using a WD 6T Mirror drive with Network as opposed to USB.


Lots  of complaints about external drive same issue as mine on acronis forum since 2009.


maybe it works with USB external, but not Ethernet network drive, saying that cause it works for you.


Besides that I have been managing Acronis, its got lots of other annoying issues like you cant use another tool to move its backup files cause only Acronis recognises its file type.


Its a half baked product that should free in my opinion, not a well thought through product.

I still remember my experience O&O disk image, its was much better in the detail you only find out after being user for a while.


I will sooner Recommend an ABACUS add-on airplane before Acronis, they are same standard.

Shiny outside empty inside.



Thanks for the info, but I am totally against this product now. 

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