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Fuel calculation, power settings and autopilot

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Hey, bought the Lear a few days ago and finally had a chance to play with it...


Is there any tool for fuel calcultions? There is no Learjet 35 profile available for PFPX, but default or either a custom one...


How many thrust to use for takeoff, climb and cruise? I couldn't find any info about power settings? When I hit full throttle on takeoff it accelerate like a Tomahawk missile..


I dont really get the AP logic... AFAIK, this is a "stuipid" AP. To set VS I have to bring the plane the VS I want the AP to maintain and then engage VS mode. Same goes for IAS mode. Am I correct? 


I downloaded the Learjet 35A Flight Manual by Bombardier (The one on FSW LJ35A page...), but its a FCTM not a FCOM so there is no detailed information about the system over there....


It seems like a really great jet, thank you, FSW, but one thing I think you should improve is the documentation. There are not enough details about how to fly this bird.




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+1 about improving manuals



Its widely know that jets are flown by turbine temperature dependinng on Environment circumstances, but,  im interested in your question:



1 - TO Thrust Manuals or reference to do it correctly.



About the VSI, you are right.   You manually set your Altitude and then click Alt Select, after that trim it to your desired VSI and then click VS Button to let it manage VSI.    I heard around that you climb keeping GS 250knts(GS, not VS), until F290(I personally think its F260, because that is the point where IAS no longer speed up, but Mach) and then you use VS for vertical speed climb to cruise).



Lets give expert the opportunity to answer your question... :wink:

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BTW.... Cnfirmed....  


Tested the GS.   Actually the LEarjet is not controlling the speed... :fool: .


Keeps green/Yellow lighting in the button, but actually wont controll GS speed.   I can only use VS....


Anyone with same issue

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It is 1970'- 80's technology and actually a very good autopilot to fly.Believe me the airplane world turned just as well before pilots needed computer's to tell them how to fly.The AFM recommended climb schedule was 800 degree ITT and 250KTS IAS until approximately FL290 where you would transition to .72 Mach for the remainder of the climb. In cold air and light weights sometimes I would use up to 300KTS  in the climb depending on performance or if ATC needed you to "keep your speed up". Not recommended to use V/S for extended climb as performance decreases.The autopilot will attempt to maintain a climb rate the aircraft cannot attain and could result in a low speed condition which you need to avoid at high altitude.Typically the last 1000 feet is done at 500 fpm to get the aircraft accelerating for cruise flight and as a precaution to prevent an altitude bust during level off.

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