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Network AirHauler in P3dv3.1 Works but AH traffic is Static

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Hmm, maybe we're talking at cross purposes here Simmer...


If you accept a job in AH, then go into My Jobs and select Fly Job with AI Crew, you're saying that the pilot never moves the plane?  If that is the case, I can confirm that it definitely works for me, as I often fly a job, then assign the AI to fly another job that ends back at base ready for me to fly another outbound job next time I fly.  Also, as far as I know this is completely independent of whatever flightsim you use - you can just switch AH (and in fact the PC it's on) off, and when you next load AH it will display the results of the flight, assuming enough time has elapsed.  If not, it'll show the job as in progress in the Ops screen.  You don't need to have a flightsim loaded, AH completely simulates the whole flight.


The only time I've ever had problems with an AI pilot not being able to fly a job I gave them was because the plane I'd told them to use thought I was still using it, so now whenever I assign a job to the AI, I always go into the Fleet screen, right click on the plane they're going to use and select "Clear Current Pilot".


The only other thing I can think of, is the AH ability to inject your fleet into the flightsim, so you can see the pilot take off etc if you fly a job from the same airport at the same time?  I don't use that as I only maintain one aircraft.  Is that where you are seeing the problem?  If so, try the trick above about releasing the aircraft before you assign the job to the AI...



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Thanks for the update Graham


My company has about 8 jets, and all the AH mechanics in back office works just fine.


However give ai pilot a job, his traffic in sim is static.


I wanted AirHauler for its traffic injection, but in p3d its traffic is only static.


I suppose you will not have noticed this  with one  AC in your fleet


I have 8, and in sim they are either parked, or disappear. and now am fairly convinced its cause AH plans not acceptable to p3d.



Just thinking out aloud, maybe only way to fix this is a tool that detects when p3d gets plans from ah, and converts ah plans to p3d xml pln. failing that next stop AH2.


By the way Graham I hope you know there is an update not added to the installer you purchase (not professional) in options --> about version should read 1.54 SP4.1.  It wasn't until I had issues with AH that I discovered by chance there is an update. Night be worth getting it, seems AI more a bit more clever with the update.


Anyway AH plans need a tool that listens in p3d and converts them to p3d format, else no moving AH traffic in P3D.

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A converter tool would not work - the time frame that you have to do the conversion is too limited. I am pretty certain that AH writes the file and immideately notifies P3D to load it, so there are barely a few miliseconds to react. As the converter would have to constantly poll the folder where the files show up, this would hurt performance too. The easiest way to troubleshoot this would be for the developer to run a quick debug session...


Can you post one of these flightplans, what do they look like? The flightplan file format AFAIK didn't really change since FSX (?)

Oliver Binder


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Avsim editor don't work on my machine or too unintuitive for me, so I have sent you the info in PM had no issues cut paste text there.


I paste 2 example ah ai  plans that don't work in p3d, and also an example of a working plan created by proatc



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Thanks for the feedback in PM, I can confirm AH thinks am running fs9/fs2004


Even though I have an fsx.exe inside sim folder (this suggested way of dealing with the issue)


I also select fsx in on its dialogue boxes


I say it thinks am running fs9 cause

1. Flight plans created for myself and AI are fs9 format

2. Its has 2 database base files ahx and ah9, it only crashes if I delete ah9, does not do anything with ahx


Even when setting up scenery and ac import I give the correct p3d/fsx folder but changes nothing


Despite fs9  mode , most things work except no moving AI traffic due to plans being fs9.


Unfortunately AH gui has a flaw in that it has know dialogue to select simulator version, it just asks again and again depending on what activity you doing, importing scenery , importing ac, setting up company. But no direct what sim are you using box which bad design


As a result fs9 flight plans generated for for p3d exposed as fsx by migration tool.


I suppose if you don't observe the AH traffic or use its flight planner its easy to assume this product works fully in p3d, without realising its generating fs9 state machine


I can only assume if it does not find the real fsx it reverts to fs9

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Hi All,


First up, P3D is not supported with AH1.  YMMV, and it does work according to users on forums, but there's no officials support for it and there won't be any updates to resolve any issues.  P3D support is coming in AH2 later this year.


As regards AI traffic, AH simply generates a request to FSX (or the sim) via Simconnect to create an AI aircraft going from A to B and departing around a given time.  It doesn't pass waypoints (beyond the from/to airports), and the request is created, and handed off to FSX which is then entirely responsible for the AI flight.   If the Sim decides not to create the flight, or to remove the flight at any point, there's nothing AH can do about it - it won't even know that's happened.


When traffic is removed from FSX (or the sim) it's usually due to a 3rd party traffic utility which clears down all AI traffic but its own.  I'd suggest disabling any 3rd party traffic utils, and seeing if that works.  It does work in FSX however, so if it's not working in P3D, I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that at the moment, barring the release of AH2.


Also, as regards flight plans, P3Dv3 doesn't like the old style FS9/non-XML flight plans, so again, YMMV.  AH2 uses the updated format so that's not an issue in the next version.





(AirHauler Developer)

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Thanks for the update Slopey, I use MT6, already tried with traffic turned to zero on p3d sliders with no effect on the problem.


Will look into another way to disable MT6 without breaking anything.


I am running AH on network, and one thing that helped yesterday was running flight1 Registry fix tool, not to fix anything, but to add my p3d path to registry as fsx. After that AH started using its ahx database instead of the ah9 database


But that little success did not change the flight plans produced or the traffic situation.


observation on my machine is that if the sim is on network, AH  gona think you running fs9, unless you fool registry on network client to think fsx is installed on the networked client.


If it works in p3d Ah1 sales go up while we wait for AH2.


Failing that, any update for us regards AH2 release dates.


By the way, I used to play Elite Dangerous for a while, There was a fantastic Slopey Tool I used to use for trading in elite, Is that you as well.


Anyway thanks for the input, would be nice to have this product working p3d someday, or give me AH2 now.


Last I heard spring 2016 for release any update on that.



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Yup - The Elite BPC is me also (new version in the next day or so).



No further updates on release for AH2, but it will definitely be this year, and as soon as I can get it out the door.


The best way to run AH with P3D is to put AH into WideFS mode, and launch P3D manually, then let AH connect to that.  But I'd definitely disable the "see your fleet in FS" option in AH just to be sure.

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The best way to run AH with P3D is to put AH into WideFS mode, and launch P3D manually, then let AH connect to that.  But I'd definitely disable the "see your fleet in FS" option in AH just to be sure.


This is the way I run it - I just have it on the same machine as P3D..



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