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  1. I'm afraid that's incorrect. It's working fine with P3DV4. I'd suggest re-installing SimConnect from the P3D4 Redist folder as a first thing to check, and if that doesn't work, please pop along to the Early Access forums, and I'll be happy to assist. Slopey (AirHauler Developer)
  2. That's because pax flights never fly on the same day they're scheduled - so if you created the flight on a Monday, to fly on Monday, it'll fly next Monday - unless you fly it yourself. Pop along to the EA forums (ea.justflight.com) if you need some help, and check out the Quickstart guide also which is very bare bones granted, but explains the basics of pax flights.
  3. Mik - if you get that again, can you click the "Details" and let me know the text of the error up to the "Loaded Assemblies" line? If you contact JF support, they'll get you access to the EA forums asap
  4. In the top right of the EA forums page there should be a "Login" button. Use the email address you used to purchase AH2 as your username, and your JFF order number as your password. Remember to change your forum handle in your profile (click the circle in the far right, then Edit Profile) to something nicer than your order number In the latest update available from JF ( the version number is shown in the bottom right of the AH2 window.
  5. Hi All, AH2 is currently in Early Access, it's not a finished product just yet. The alpha/beta testers did a fantastic job, but nothing beats deploying to a large user base with diverse add-on aircraft, various sim versions and windows versions to really shake the bugs out! That being said, yesterday was quite a bumpy day, but I've patched out most of the irritating little issues and it should be far more stable going forward. If you're looking for a finished product, please wait until the full release. If you're interested to see where it's going, and want to help shape it as it evolves (I'm on the dedicated EA forums and happy to discuss ideas etc), then by all means pick it up. Cheers, Slopey AirHauler Developer.
  6. AH2 Early Access is imminent - details are here: http://www.justflight.com/product/air-hauler-2
  7. Is anyone else having issues with SimConnect based addons after the Windows 10 updates over the last few days? It would seem that the update nerfs Simconnect somehow, but I haven't got to the bottom of it yet. Also - disabling automatic updates in Windows 10 may not work. If you want to avoid any updates going forward, also set your network connection to "Metered", and that'll prevent Win10 from downloading updates automatically.
  8. Yup - The Elite BPC is me also (new version in the next day or so). No further updates on release for AH2, but it will definitely be this year, and as soon as I can get it out the door. The best way to run AH with P3D is to put AH into WideFS mode, and launch P3D manually, then let AH connect to that. But I'd definitely disable the "see your fleet in FS" option in AH just to be sure.
  9. Hi All, First up, P3D is not supported with AH1. YMMV, and it does work according to users on forums, but there's no officials support for it and there won't be any updates to resolve any issues. P3D support is coming in AH2 later this year. As regards AI traffic, AH simply generates a request to FSX (or the sim) via Simconnect to create an AI aircraft going from A to B and departing around a given time. It doesn't pass waypoints (beyond the from/to airports), and the request is created, and handed off to FSX which is then entirely responsible for the AI flight. If the Sim decides not to create the flight, or to remove the flight at any point, there's nothing AH can do about it - it won't even know that's happened. When traffic is removed from FSX (or the sim) it's usually due to a 3rd party traffic utility which clears down all AI traffic but its own. I'd suggest disabling any 3rd party traffic utils, and seeing if that works. It does work in FSX however, so if it's not working in P3D, I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that at the moment, barring the release of AH2. Also, as regards flight plans, P3Dv3 doesn't like the old style FS9/non-XML flight plans, so again, YMMV. AH2 uses the updated format so that's not an issue in the next version. Cheers, Slopey (AirHauler Developer)
  10. Hi there, Couple of things to try - swap to the default C172 then back again after AH has loaded FS. Or, put AH into WideFS (networked) mode, and launch FS manually, set up the flight and see if that works better. I don't have Ezdok unfortunately so can't test it myself. Cheers, Slopey AirHauler Developer
  11. Sorry it's been a bit quiet to date, but rest assured, it is coming. Obviously Q2 didn't happen (real life intervened and my proper job has been insanely busy), but I'm still aiming for 2014. More info in the next month or two, likely via the JF site
  12. Proviation are well known for being terrible. See the very long running thread of woe at PPrune: http://www.pprune.org/private-flying/476735-proviation-customer-care-problems.html Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!
  13. A solution may be to use ScruffyDuck's BGL2XML, then parse the XML file and compare to a parsed AIRAC? Should be easy enough in cpp or c#.
  14. Hi All, I'm aiming for q2 2014 - could be sooner, could be later, but I'll keep you all in the loop. However, it *is* incoming for next year, that's a definite! I doubt it'll take me 8 months, but it'll definitely need between 4-6 months as it'll need quite a bit of beta testing with the new VA and Economy features. I'll pop back here every so often and try and answer any queries, or catch me over at the JF forums or Mutley's Hangar. Cheers, Slopey AirHauler Developer
  15. Hi All,I'm writing a small utility to monitor an FSX flight, and using the VB.Net Managed Request sample in the SDK I've got the basics organised - but questions are:- Is there a list of datatypes for each simconnect Variable anywhere, I've got the units one from the SDK, but the datatype I have to take a guess at or find by trial and error. Or have I missed something in the docs?- G Force - what datatype should I use for this? I get odd numbers. I understand the data should come back in ft/min^2 and 32.17 is equivalent to +1G - but I don't seem to be able to get a number I can convert to x.xG.- Touchdown - I'd like to monitor the landing - as far as I'm aware, the only way to check if I landed where i was supposed to is to compare the lat/lon of the aircraft against where it should be (i.e. within a 1/2nm radius) and that it touched down on the correct surface. Also, is there any way to get touchdown VSI/IAS etc or do I have to wait for the SIM ON GROUND flag to be set and grab the values then?And last question - how do I call FSX and get it to load a flight plan automatically with the plane cold and dark at an appropriate (or default) stand/start point? (from a command line or from an external application with a call) If I put the flight plan on the command line, I end up in the flight planner or in a menu rather than on the apron. Is there a command line option or something I need to set in the pln file to do that?Many thanks!,Slopey
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