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FSwhat/FSsimming after winning the Powerball?

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I posted this over on another forum and am curious about the response I might get here....


Assume for the sake of argument you win the $1.5 billon Powerball

How would that affect your Flight Simming experience?
Would you quit simming in favor of real life flying?
If you didn't quit simming, what flight sim system/program would you move to or stick with?
Would you build, buy construct the ultimate flight sim system/cockpit? If so, what aircraft would it be?
What hardware would you buy to run the new system?

There are obviously other, related questions.

Take this and run with it if you care to.

My own answers: I'd both continue simming with FSX and go for my PPL. I'm pretty sure I'd eventually move to P3D but don't know enough about it technically to say when that would be - or exactly why. (I do think P3D still has a ways to go addons-wise.) Obviously, I'd get the latest, greatest bestest PC money could buy - again, I don't have a clue what that actually is, but money can buy a lot of pc power and the tech nerd expertise to advise me about what that "latest, greatest" system would be.

I'd buy a new house and set aside a room, possibly two, for 2 cockpit builds - one probably for a Turboprop twin and the other for my real-life dream luxury purchase, a T-38 (or better yet, an F-20 Tigershark). A few thousand or whatever for a motion-enabled simulator for these planes would be worth the micro-pittance this would represent of my newly acquired, hard to get my head around it, massive financial worth.

And just for fun, I'd try to hire a group of the best freeware scenery developers to create some awesome packages for my favorite areas - not necessarily airports per se, but places I like to fly in/see as well as some airports that I think deserve attention. Then I'd upload those sceneries here and elsewhere for the community to share.

Just a few off the wall thoughts as I dream about the lottery I likely won't win tonight - but, one can dream, right?

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Good Luck. You stand a good chance at 1-in-200 million. Hope you do fulfil your dreams. I was there last week-end when ours hit £66 million, but not so much dreaming aviation, but how I'd transform the lives of people I know, personally, who have not had that 'lucky break' I was lucky to get.

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Full Flight Deck Solutions motion sim for 747, 737, and a nice real life Diamond DA-62 for myself. Would probably buy a significant stake in Dovetail games so I can control the future of the next sim and hire some foiks from AAA game studios to build the scenery and rendering engine architecture. 

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I personally would you not want to win money on that scale as it would seriously damage my health.

Flying lessons or not ,you health is your wealth !


Regards Brian


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