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Problem with Parking Checklist and Through Flights

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Since upgrading to the Majestic Dash 8 Pro (from Pilot) and the latest FS2Crew version, I am not able to perform through flights.  It seems that I can't "complete" the parking checklist.


I respond "off" to the challenge for the batteries as the list item on the checklist.  I get no response from the FO and "parking" in the control panel does not advance as it had previously.  I have used the display option to ensure that "off" is being registered.  I have also tried "set", "checked", and "skip" to try and trigger it to advanced without luck.


I get the following issues now when I try to do a through flight.


1. I don't have any countdown timer in the control panel for the preflight events.


2. Many audio messages do not play.  There may be more than this list, but at least: permission to board, out for the walk around, here's the load sheet, acceleration height altitude.


3. Time dependent actions don't seem to occur.  For instance, the FO leaving for the walkaround, the originating checks, etc. that occur at certain times during the countdown are never done.


4. Will not respond to some commands.  Again, there may be more, but for sure the "flaps 0, IAS 1 8 5, climb checklist to the line" triggers nothing.


5. FO will run checklists when called for and perform most autopilot actions.


I have tried reinstalling, as well as re-enabling voice and these have not remedied the problem.


Is there any advice to remedy this?  I can deal with advancing to the next section in the control panel, but unfortunately it seems that some of the functionality is broken when I try to do that.  Thanks for any help.

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Hi Eric,


Please use the responses printed to the right of 'Off' in the FS2Crew checklist.


External Power if off Apu is off

External Power is On APU is off

External Power is Off APU is off


This is documented in the Notes section.


For the next leg, you need to press the RUN PF events button again.



Try the 2nd leg with the above noted.  You need to complete the checklist for everything to reset properly for the 2nd leg.

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I'm having problems later in the checklist, but I may understand.  For "below the line" I have the following:


Ext PWR/APU (External power is On, APU is off)

Conditon levers (Fuel off)

Lights (Set)

Emergency Lights Switch (Off)

STBY/AUX/Main/Battery Master (?)


I have the responses in parentheses and advance until the line in bold.  I have been using the word "Off".  This definitely worked in prior versions and I swear was the written response in an earlier version (although I may be remembering this wrong).  Looking at the current voice checklist the response needs to be "batteries off".  I won't be able to try it for a few days, but I see that the "off" that had been working before is not the correct speech trigger at least any more.

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I just looked at the code.


Batteries On / Batteries Off are the only allowed response for that item.


Not sure how 'off' could ever have worked  :wink:

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