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norman s

TOD Calculations.

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Hi dave,


As a newcomer to the program,I must say that is heading in thr right directionnin its present form.


After a couple of false starts using the same route I have this evening managed to get up to cruise level without causing ATC to disown me,or threaten me!!!!


I am flying this route,KPDX Pawli Q13 TACUS KLAS.I reached cruise level prior to Pawli and did not get any hand off to centre at all.The other point which was not correct was that the TOD point was 100 miles away which meant descending with 300miles to go.This was from a cruise level of 37000 ft.I tried adjusting the GS,Descent rate etc and found in all cases that the TOD was getting closer ,rather than further away.


I gave up at that point.Closing down tonight gave me a FS error.


I will reinstall,however this will have to be next weekend ie 17March as I am off into hospital for an op on my spine.


Could some sort of corrumtion have caused the rogue TOD calcs or does the maths need reworking?


Still a very good start to my usage!

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The TOD calculation does sound like it was off.  However there are many, many variables that affect where it is placed, so I can't really know if it was wrong without having your exact flight plan loaded.

I can also say that I have made several changes to the TOD calculations in the past couple of updates, so when you get back to it, be sure to install the latest update.  One of them, in fact, addressed a situation that was causing the TOD to be way too early.


I can also say DO NOT UNINSTALL/REINSTALL the program.  That NEVER fixes things in P2A.  Just install the latest update over what you have now and give it another go.  A week from now we will have done at least a couple of new updates.


Good luck with your operation,


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