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FSX Crash To Desktop issue with SweetFX

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Hi all,


I've been having an issue when trying to use SweetFX with FSX.


Once extracting all the relevant files and folders into the FSX root directory (E:\FSX), FSX will not load and crashes back to desktop after a few seconds on the splash screen. 


I have seen various posts around this particular issue where its has been suggested that there are potential issues with a variety of areas such as; antialiasing, DX10, shaders and not having up to date drivers etc etc. Having checked all of these out, still no change.


As suggested I've updated to latest Nvidia graphics driver (Clean Install), I've also turned off antiailaising but with no success.


I have isolated the issue however with 1 file in particular, 'd3d9.dll'. Once i delete this file, FSX starts up fine, although SweetFX doesn't appear to work at all. It was mentioned one one particular post that SweetFX will still function without this file, although firstly I have no idea if this is accurate, and if it is in fact correct, why am I not seeing any changes?


As a test I am making sure Split Screen is enabled and have also altered many of the settings (using 'FLight FX: SweetFX GUI) so I assume the difference would be quite noticeable as soon as FSX has loaded as the aircraft preview image also displays the split screen image.


I have checked the log and can see the following,although I'm unsure how to locate the specific cause from this.


full path: E:\FSX\
redirecting CreateDevice
initialising shader environment
device->GetBackBuffer failed
redirecting CreateDevice
initialising shader environment
D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
try to use "E:\FSX" for shader files
Can anyone help to shed some light on the above to help me resolve the issues?
Some additional info which might help:
Intel i5-4690k 
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 
FSX (SP1 + SP2)
Many thanks in advance


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I never had any luck with either SweetFX or ENB. Constant CTDs with both of them.


And then I discovered ReShade.


With MasterEffect ReBorn config I can get whatever ENB or SweetFX offered without a single CTD, plus on-the-fly  :smile:  changes.

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try to remove update KB2670838 and give it a try again. I don't use sweetfx in FSX but I had a similar problem on other sim, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover running with sweetfx. Removing this update (which is related to IE10) the problem stopped. This is just a suggestion, I really don't know if it works!


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I have found SweetFX2 runs perfectly in FSX (Windows 7 64 bit and DX10 with fixer, and GTX 970 with latest drivers).  I did have a few problems and CTD's with the earlier version.


The d3d9.dll you are on about tells me you are probably using DX9 then.  The file you see after installing SweetFX is not the original.  SweetFX puts its own d3d9.dll in the root directory of FSX so that it can hook into DirectX with its graphics functions.  If you restore the original windows version, that is fine, but SweetFX cannot possibly run then, as it cannot hook into the graphics.


I cannot decipher the error message - it is beyond my capability, but the latest version appeared to have fairly good documentation.  Do you definitely have three ReShade files in the FSX root folder, and a SweetFX folder in the FSX root as well?


Also, see this thread: -

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