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  1. Well, I have to report that my issue has been resolved One thing I have missed till now was that the Heli Manager had the option to set your custom sensitivity settings. I had scrolled until the “Enable Engine Failures” option, didn’t understood that there was more below... In Realistic mode the "cyclic sensitivity" setting is set to 80%. Remember I talked about things like “this Bell 47 reacting too slowly to cyclic inputs” and “that it's needing larger cyclic motions to respond”? Well, the moment I set cyclic sensitivity to 100% these things suddenly disappeared! The heli became responsive and I can control it very precisely now. Hovering and landing in restricted spaces is confident and precise. Tail stability remained to 0 and Heli Stability to 5. Happy camper (and customer) now, I am leaving you to continue flying in the fjords 😛
  2. Thanks for the tip regarding Flyinside's forums, didn't know about them, I will surely check there.
  3. Having purchased the FlyInside Bell 47G a few days ago and tested it in MSFS, I can say that I have really mixed feelings, especially regarding its flight handling. I have flown many helicopters in X-Plane, Dreamfoil B407 and AS350 as well as the default R22 and 206, and Dodo 206 in FSX, and I have also been involved in creating and optimizing many flight models for HTR (Helicopter Total Realism) plugin for FSX. I also had a RL flight in an R22 some years ago, having got the controls for some of the time. Is it my idea or is this Bell 47 reacting too slowly to cyclic inputs? I mean, it seems it's reacting to inputs like it has much more inertia/mass than its size suggests. The effect is that it's needing larger cyclic motions to respond and that seems to make it difficult to control it precisely and many times I find myself overshooting in realistic mode. This happens even after I adjust both FSUIPC axes curves and the 47G cyclic settings in MSFS. I don't have this issue with any of the above mentioned helicopters. Even the Dreamfoil AS350, which is a handful, I can control and hover with extreme precision as it's pretty quick to respond to even minimal inputs. The Dreamfoil B407 is said to be 'spot on' in its handling by people who have many flight hours on the real thing, and the same goes for the Dodo B206. Is this seemingly 'sluggish' response indeed realistic for the Bell 47G? Is it because it's an old bird? Are all other helicopters overly quick to responses?
  4. Yes, in advanced mode it is definitely better than the default FSX 206, but nowhere near the flight dynamics of the Dodosim 206 or even HTR-enhanced FSX helicopters. You can tell from the way it handles that it's in reality a plane modified to fly like a helicopter. And this is normal considering that there are no helicopter physics present in the sim currently. Considering that, the H135 is an amazing accomplishment on its own and our only option currently, that really flies quite well. Lets only hope the upcoming helicopter flight dynamics are at least on par with Dodosim 206 or X-Plane.. Having said that, I always prefer flying in X-Plane 11 when it comes to helicopters, or FSX-SE (DX10) both Dodosim 206 and others with HTR enabled.
  5. Hey, isn't this the nag thread for rotorheads? I'm just nagging 😋
  6. You can't have a proper Flight Simulator without simulating helicopters!! It would be against Microsoft's legacy, as helicopter simulation was a given in all recent releases at least. What a huge, tremendous lost opportunity, to have the entire world simulated like this and not be able to fly helicopters at all... I really, really hope they are adding them later on, providing realistic flight dynamics, on par with the new airplane flight modelling. It would be a huge disappointment and a game changer (pun intended) for me if they didn't.
  7. Hi all, After upgrading to a new rig (9600K, 32GB RAM, gtx1070) I noticed that had more (!) stutters when panning around than with my previous rig, although I generally fps was way up. About a decade ago I had similar issues in FSX, which proved to be related to the screen refresh rate combined with the sim fps, when VSYNC was on. If I turned off VSYNC I had screen tearing when panning instead of stuttering. I solved it by internally limiting the sim FPS to 30 AND setting VSYNC to 1/2 monitor refresh rate (60/2). I did something similar to Xplane 11. I limited FPS to something like 30,5 or 31.5 in Nvidia Inspector AND set VSYNC to 1/2 monitor refresh rate (standard not adaptive). I also set "threaded optimization" to OFF after testing both options. And now I enjoy incredibly smooth panning at 30fps (Track IR) in Xplane, way smoother than FSX ever was.
  8. If you are using DX10 Fixer with FSX-SE then I think only version 1 of Reshade is working. And then you have to rename the ReShade32.dll to d3d11.dll (at least I had to, in my system) for FSX-SE to start.
  9. @ ckyliu I can feel you pain. In the old days of FSX Acceleration tweaking was a big part of the game. ENB made my FSX crash too. OOMs on the other hand were never an issue for me, I don't know why, maybe the my specific configuration and settings were never forcing the 32-bit software to its limits. But the truth is that I had frequent crashes (non OOM related). BUT, FSX-SE is another thing altogether. All basic tweaks and fixes are already applied, I only have Bufferpools=0 and that's it. Period. It's stable as a rock, it never OOM'ed me. Also, no more ENB but Reshade instead. I can switch from full screen to window like 100 times and it will never crash. The difference with Reshade is astonishing with the right preset! That's it. No tweaking, no pain. It just works as it should have from the start. As you already observed, I have enough A2A planes and the investment to switch to P3D, to gain what?, makes absolutely no sense to me. But I understand that everyone has different needs and experience, so YMMV.
  10. In fact, with some minor investment you can easily get FSX-SE to P3D levels, visually at least. With Steve's DX10 fixer combined with Cloud Shadows you get virtual cockpit and cloud shadows. Also, If you invest some time to use Reshade (free) you get a really major upgrade in visual/lighting quality, way above anything vanilla P3D can produce, especially with some excellent presets (I use this one: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4143/ ). Beyond visual improvements, you still have a 32-bit simulator. Known negatives aside, you get maximum compatibility with all great addons, without having to pay way more for 'academic' use. With ORBX Global, SA OLC and Vector I am currently on a great trip across Central and South America to Antarctica. Add to this the full REX texture treatment and AS2016 real-time weather, and I don't see FSX-SE going anywhere for the foreseeable future, not at least until XPlane can provide the same whole experience (ATC, weather, seasons, non-ortho terrain textures, vector accuracy) worldwide.
  11. Hey, we better leave the two guys that transformed XP do their stuff together, shouldn't we? I'm drooling over a UHD NZ Pro ...
  12. That's exactly my point. If X-Plane had the complex addon aircraft, scenery, enhanced weather that FSX has, we would not be here talking about Dead Ends. Yes, it needs beefy hardware, but so does P3D which currently, being 32bit, leads also to a dead end in the form of OOMs and the need to turn down the settings.
  13. According to this it has to do with 64bit. Except fligh dynamics, of course. The point is that we have a sim now that is 64bit for which only the hardware is the limit. In FSX/P3D the 32bit software is the limit. Optimize it anyway you want. You will hit the wall sooner or later. It's not a preference, it's physics.
  14. Totally agree! 64bit is essential for any sim to move forward. For me P3D is not an option until it's 64bit. X-Plane is 64bit now. I bought it on the December sale (50% off), and I have invested the last month setting it up. Using freeware only, it is unbelievably better than FSX/P3D in so many ways! Terrain rendering, especially in Europe, is far superior than FSX/P3D plus Orbx Global/Vector combo. HDR lighting is breathtaking. Flight physics, well try to compare default helicopters on FSX & X-Plane... Sure It has its flaws, like weak weather engine, no airport buildings, weak ATC. But it's ready for the future. Until P3D gets 64bit, with careful development and marketing planning X-Plane could be waay ahead. Don't get me wrong, I have invested too much in FSX addons and FSX is still my main sim, but the potential I see in 64bit X-Plane is staggering.
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