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Instructor Station?

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Hi everyone. I'm putting this here rather than the cockpit builder's forum because I don't know that it's necessarily a cockpit builder issue. But if there's somewhere it should sit other than this and the mods want to move it that's good by me.


Last night I started thinking about an instructor station for my basement sim (which runs P3D), in part so I could quickly set up approach scenarios etc. for practice, and also so I could put buddies in the sim and throw all kinds of failures at them. I have a used Surface 3 at home that's recently been replaced, and with its touchscreen and kickstand I thought it might be the perfect interface for an instructor platform connected via wifi to the sim PC and sitting on a table in the same room. I did a fair amount of research today and see there are a number of options available, including:

The prices on these are all over the map, and in some cases reviews are in some cases few and far between (or dated). I wondered if anyone in the community has recent experience with them (or another application) and might offer a perspective? This is absolutely for home use and fun, so I don't need the Ferrari of stations, but it would be good to have something that allows me to set up some real training as well. Thanks much in advance.



Basement Fly Guy

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I've used fsi panel and found it very good for all kinds of approaches including stars. I've used it with ga and even pmdg 737.

Here are a couple of videos worth a look from frooglesim.



Hope they help. I've not tried any of the others you listed so have no frame of reference.



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 Hi  basementflyguy (sorry, I couldn't find your real name),

I am using since January this year the tool FS-Flight-Control (created by Andreas Breitschopp).

It's the best Instructor station I found in the past.


I am flying on PC since 1980 from the beginning with the first version. So over the period of time I moderate a group of about 10 PC-Pilots. During our (in my home location) meetings, I was looking for an instructor station with which we can better train our flights.


I found some years ago the iStation from Louis Gordo, which was acceptable for me at that time.


But now all of us are impressed about the professional and high sophisticated software "FS-Flight-Control" from Andreas. I do not explain the function here due to the wonderful website  which is selfexplaining.


In my group all purchased a license for their own usage at home.

During my group sessions we are flying now one approach after the other. This is real fun. Especially looking on the moving map and the landing statistics at the end.


I hope my post here makes your decision easier. Please ask, if you want to participate in my experience.


best regards

Alhard (EDDN)

PC pilot since 1980, WIN7, FSX+FS9, 3 PCs, 6 Monitors, IVAO








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FSiPanel is good, but the main thing it does is position the aircraft for approaches. It does not really manage failures as such, except engine flame out....I don't know the others.

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Thanks, guys. As I've been looking into it more I believe I will start with FS-Flight Control. It looks like a very complete package, and I can try it for free, too. I'll report back here when I do.

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