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Can someone recommend me any videotutorial for the CDU (FMS / FMC) programming from the C90 ?

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As you may know I'm new programming the CDU (which is the FMS / FMC) Flight Management Syster or Flight Management Computer from this aircraft, and I would like to see a step by step tutorial covering this.

Would be cool Carenado deliver the products with a step by step tutorial.

Can you recommend me please some videotutorials for this?


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There's a pretty good walkthrough of an example flight in "Carenado Proline 21.pdf". It's in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Carenado\C90_GTX_King_air folder (or P3D equivalent), starts on page 11.

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Hi Jim and Richard


I know that PDF you told me but it is not enough. I've been reading it... but there are important doubts not covered there.

First thing to state at this point, it is not the Carenado FMS, it is the Collins FMS (Collins Proline 21 FMS). Seems to be Carenado is mounting this FMS and have differences with other FMS.

Talking about the Collins FMS...

For example, I know what an airway is and what a waypoint is. I know I can enter the first waypoint, then the VIA (airway in which is that waypoint) and the final waypoint in that particular airway and the FMS will calculate everything, all the waypoints in the middle will be listed in the flight plans (LEGS section).


But in that manual, as afar as I know there are important things not covered.

  • For example, may I tell the FMS to fly a VOR and get me out from the VOR following a particular radial or airway?

I suspect you don't need that because you only enter waypoints... and airways... and it will follow the paths, however I don't know this.

  • The manual says... if the waypoint is an intersection you may use that waypoint to fly another route...

Well, I only know two different kind of waypoints... white triangles and black triangles... but don't understand very well what does it mean "if the waypoint is an intersection"... does it mean a triangle that is connecting several airways?

  • What about the IAC charts in the arrivals? The FMS allows to you select SIDs and STARS, but what happens with the IAC ? I don't proceed to an approach with a STAR, it is only a previous chart to the real approach procedure that is listed in the IAC chart. So the FMS do also the IAC at arrivals?
  • What function plays fly DIRECT ? direct to a coordinate ? and when is necessary to fly DIRECT ?

As far as I know those topics are not covered in the FMS manual, are just a few pages.


I did my first steps the other day and was able to introduce some airways and select some departures, was exciting :D but... I still need to know that basic info.

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The Carenado FMS does not work like a real world Rockwell-Collins FMS3000. It is basically a fancy cover for the default GPS.


The Carenado version does not support flying courses. It will only fly between waypoints.


On intersections it is talking about a waypoint in which multiple airways go through. Get yourself an aviation chart. I have no idea what you mean by "white triangles and black triangles." 


IAC? Do you mean IAP? Yes if you choose a STAR and not the IAP at the same time when you try to load the IAP it causes the FMS to reset the entire flight plan. Poor implementation by Carenado. Enter the STAR and the IAP at the same time. 


DIR or Direct is broken by Carenado. This has been discussed. DIR operates as a manual leg change and it will intercept the leg that makes up the track from the waypoint prior to the one you selected to fly direct to. There is a discussion in the CJ2 forum about how to fake a direct to leg.


Other then that you need to send a support ticket to Carenado. Because they made up their own implementation of an FMS they have to describe how it is suppose to work.

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