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I have been looking for a complete ATC product for my FSX setup, and I am really impressed about this product, and I am trying to understand more its features before purchasing it.

I read the manual of version 2 (beta), which covered most of my questions.

I read threads here, but I still have a couple of unresolved questions. Basically it all comes back to the way Pilot2ATC is set to interact with other add ons: Weather (I use ASN or REX Architect) and AI traffic (I use UT2).


(1) AI traffic

I understand that P2ATC does not inject or control AI, but I think it is aware of it. What I don't understand is to which extend ATC takes in consideration AI in the sim: 

(a) is the active runway used by P2ATC the same used by AI in the sim?

(b ) does P2ATC make me taxi/hold according to AI on the ground?

( c)) does P2ATC provide adequate separation with AI traffic in flight?


(2) Weather

I understand that P2ATC gets its live weather conditions online, BUT reads ATIS from the sim. Is it still true? The obvious problem is when flying with simulated weather (e.g. ASN historical or REX Weather Architect), which will generate a mismatch in ATIS and runway assignments. 

I know there is an option to override runway assignment in P2ATC, but it is not very elegant. Has this been fixed?


Overall I have to give "two thumbs up" to the developer. Really a nice piece of work so far!

Any sense of when the beta will finish?



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Thanks for your interest in Pilot2ATC.

Right now, the only thing related to AI Traffic is that it is shown on the moving map and verbal alerts are given when it conflicts.  It is not considered when giving clearances or directing traffic on the ground or in the air.  These are known desired features, but not implemented in the current product.


As for weather, you understand it correctly.  The best way to overcome this is to use real weather in the SIM.  I understand the desire to use SIM weather, but that is not currently a feature.  If flying instrument approaches, putting them in your flight plan and not taking the option to have ATC assign them will let you fly approaches that conflict with current weather and match your historical weather.  Verbally requesting a runway with the ForcePilotRunwaySelection checked will also let you taxi to your desired runway.


I'm hoping to complete the Beta phase in a few weeks, but it will continue as long as needed to be sure the released product will have minimal major bugs.


Thanks again,


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Thank you for your clear and quick reply, Dave.

I know that building a truly complete ATC add on for FSX is a big task, but I also recognize it is a commercial opportunity.

Personally I am Certainly willing to pay for an addon that simulates the real-life reason of ATC: keeping me separated from traffic, both on the ground and in the skies, and in doing so coordinate approaches and landings according to both traffic and weather.

An ATC service that is blind to both weather and traffic sounds a bit "light"...

Please don't take this as a hard criticism, as I understand P2A does take in consideration real weather, and this is indeed a good starting point.

I am just wondering how important are to potential customers simulated weather and traffic, that is what is actually going on in the simulator.


I would like to offer a simple suggestion: would it be too difficult to set up a sort a electronic board on your website, where potential customers vote on possible improvements to put in your to-do list? This would take away most of the guess work on your side about what should be on top or bottom of your priorities. You might be surprised to see that a lot of us are not necessarily flying airliners in long and standard IFR routes, but maybe enjoying shorter VFR routes in Ga aircrafts, where ATC is equally important and enjoyable.

You could require that people sign up to some news mailing list, before being able to vote on the list that you set up. So they would already become "potential customer".

Trello might an easy platform for that, but anything would do, really.


Looking forward to seeing the new improvements during beta, and wish you the best luck with this very promising product!



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