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ADE Stock items (yellow boxes) visible, but NO SHOW after compiling

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I'm sure this topic is out there..but can't locate a solution.


I normally change GATE Assignments to earlier retro the freeware airports offered in Avsim..etc...


I use the Library Object Manager (Airport Design Editor version. 1.55###) to import objects on my list...


I see a STOCK ITEM name:jetway..that appears as yellow box..on the airport layout..yet when finish compiling this airport (I used the same bgl..just overrite it) and begin

my push back...these items...are NO SHOWS at the airport...


What am I doing wrong?  (note: new gate assignments work fine..its just that stock items named jetway.(looks like a long low roofed building) do not appear...


Any tips or help always appreciated,

many many thanks..




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It could be that this item is actually from another add-on airport and you added the item to the ADE library, but if you deactivate or uninstall the airport from which you obtained that item, then the item remains in ADE, but will not display in the compiled airport.  I have run into this issue.  My solution is to add any items I might want to place in other airports in my static object library.

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Well..i'm still stumped...the FX-IAD airport..i recently downloaded..was placed in Add-on scenery\Scenery: KIAD_CW_RS_bgl+KIAD_CVX.bgl.

Loaded FSX all scenery posting.


All i wanted to change were airline assignments at the gate..did a few..then compiled the airport as is: KIAD_CW_RS.bgl saved the airport and reloaded FSX...some of the stock items:

jetway.bgl (looks like a flat roofed glass building small jetway size i suppose) plus ramp lighting ((note: all these showed the yellow boxes on the layout in ADE..)) Did not post...! now my new airline assignments were accurate..but what this knocks out..stock scenery..that posted just fine..when initially loaded.


I even attempted to compile outside the sim..and place it back show stock items again.

I even attempted to rename..the KIAD_ADEX_bgl...still no show stock items..


There has got to be a trick of the allow the changes..but without..messing up the scenery..that posts fine..when first loaded...


I have made sure the ADE has the Library Object shows me those yellow boxes..on the layout..but just doesn't post the scenery..when i'm ready to fly out of KIAD


Use to...i had no issue..with changing gate assignments..and compiling.


I'm doing something wrong..can't figure it out.


thanks for checking the post,


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Like I said, I've had this problem before.  I downloaded that airport, the latest version,



License: Freeware, limited distribution

Added: 7th April 2016, 17:35:32

Downloads: 6917

Author: Ray Smith

Size: 2859kb





and I do see in the screen shots a lot of non-stock objects.  The author states in the instructions


To Install:

Important: If you are using my earlier version please remove/delete these files first including the KIAD_OBJ.bgl, if you would rather keep them remove them to another folder not associated with FSX.




My guess is that the KIAD_OBJ.bgl actually contains those missing objects.

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