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Egbert Drenth

Airport scenery - rendering internal structures?!?

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I would like to discuss a new fenomen taking place in the scenery development market.
It seems that more and more developers create extensive and detailed insides of airport buildings including elevators, people, desks, etc etc,
To be honest I'm a but worried about this.


For me it really doesn't add anything to my flying experience, since I never ever look inside buildings.
As far as I'm concerned, it only adds unnessesary polygons, more VAS usage and must have a negative impact on performance.
I wouldn't mind if there is a config setting available removing those internal structures, but I haven't seen one yet.


What are your thoughts?


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I certainly see  your point, and I've noticed this more and more as well.  It could be that the dev tested this and didn't see any appreciable difference in VAS when adding the insides of terminals, but I'd certainly like to hear what the dev(s) have to say about this.


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They would only be worth the effort if the impact on performance and development time was relatively minimal. I am sure that most of us want our airport scenery packages to be as detailed as possible, but complex internal environments may be pushing it just a bit too far.

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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They do it because it makes pretty screenshots, which helps sell more of their product.  Figure 95% of users have never heard of VAS.


Yes, there should be a way to disable.  I recently purchased SMF from Aerosoft, and their configuration tool includes an option to disable internal scenery so at least one developer is doing it.

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