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my controls going haywire... - Flaps going between 25 and 30 degree

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I loaded up the PMDG 777 and right away the flaps is going between25 and 30 back and forth and back forth.


I exited and used Simstarter and removed all joysticks connections..all Null


So I am basically using only FSUIPC to setp specific controls for my 777.


I have the following hardware..

Saitek Yoke, 

saitek rudder

Saitek Throttle 1 and Throttle 2 (both independent..none connected to my yoke) (I have not assigned these two to the PMDG 777

Flightdeck 737 Thrtoole.. this is assinged to the 777

A bunch of USB hubs and Go flgith modules


I checked the FSUIPC and buttons and move aboth the Saitek throttle 1 and 2 and pressed every button and I do not see anything assinged.


Not sure wh ythe flaps keeps between 25 and 30... 


How do I figure what is going on. How do I figure the offending signal


Any ideas?


I loaded up the Cessna 182 and the flaps are fine

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Hi manny

did you check the Axis assignments under the the controls section.could be a conflict there.



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Might want to post this on the PMDG forum. 

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did you check the Axis assignments under the the controls section.could be a conflict there.


Yeah nothing assigned there.. That was the first thing I checked.. sometimes the sim assigns the default keys to some joystick and that messes up this case id didn't.


I restarted the machine and loaded another PMDG 777 and this problem is no more.. So I a good for now.


Otherwise I have to start debugging by pulling out each USB harware out to find the offending item.


Or rebuild the FSUIPC 777 assignments.


I wish P3D would completely remove the default  joystick assignment except for the keyboard assignment. The joystick assignement of keys is well past its sell by date.

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