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AIG Flightplans & Ultimate Traffic 2 Question Help

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Good evening,


I'm currently slowly moving over from FS9 to FSX (with a few problems on the way lol) and have recently bought Ultimate Traffic 2 for FSX to use until I get my AIG flightplans all updated and installed.


Whilst using UT2, I have started to install some of the latest AIG flightpans into FSX and so have unticked those airlines in UT2 so I don't have duplicates.


Today I installed AIG British Airways Winter 2015/2016 flighplans and the repaints using AIFP2, and therefore unticked BA in UT2.


When I went into FSX and loaded up Heathrow to check the repaints were all ok, I noticed that there were no BA aircraft anywhere? I've checked the World/Scenery folder and the AIG traffic bgl for BA is there?


I'm not quite sure why the BA traffic are not displaying but I have a suspicion that it is something to do with Ultimate Traffic 2?


Has anyone else had this same kind of problem?


Look forward to any replies


Kind regards

Gavin Moss

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There could be a couple things. UT2 won't have any affect on traffic bgl's showing or not, they work totally independent of each other.


- Make sure that that you have all of your flightplan bgl's in the correct format as a mixed bag of FS9 traffic bgls will cause any FSX/P3d formatted traffic bgl's to not appear in the sim.


- Also check where you have you AI aircraft and that the folder they are in is active within your FSX.cfg under the [Main]  SimobjectsPaths


- Your FSX traffic % is set to 100% (just for testing)? UT2 has it's own traffic % slider and again is totally independent of the FSX AI traffic slider.

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Also make sure you have the BA Aircraft assigned in the UT2 PowerPack to the re-paints to your new schedules.


I added all new aircraft for my schedules so I did not have to deal with the UT2 default aircraft as most were out of date for re-paints.

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