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Cut-off building/ground textures openLC

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This is my first post here on the forum after years being signed in...

But I have a strange problem with my ground textures after installing openLC Europe...

Building/roads/forrest textures are being cut-off by other textures. (noticable in the middle of the screenshot)




When I disable the OpenLC layers in my scenery-file, it looks better, but the openlc functionality is gone. But no cut-off ground textures...



The order in my scenery-config is:


- Various Scenery 


- Bathymetry Langley, Africa and so on

- ORBX!Vector

- FSGX2010 (FS Global)

- Base files

- ORBX!Vector_AEC

- Default Scenery

- Default Terrain


Is something wrong in the order of the insertion points?

Or something else?


I tried re-ordering it, but no succes...


Does anyone have an idea, or is this normal?


My system is Prepared with ORBX Global + Vector + OpenLC, all the latest versions, with the latest orbxlibs installed.


Kind regards!

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Have you changed the scenery order at any time?  For the "various scenery", would that be airport add-ons or something like Megascenery?  i would default your order to whatever is recommended or setup upon install completion and leave it alone.  I use all ORBX scenery with a lot of add-on airports and I can say that all my add-on airports sit above the FTX entry and I don't get any issues.


Another question, did you perform the FTX Central migration, and if so, when?  ORBX had some server issues last week and it hosed a lot of migrations, with some folks still having problems with blurry or misplaced tiles, but it looks like you don't have that issue.  One thing I tend to do with Vector, is disable a lot of the features like Tertiary roads, railroads, tunnels, etc, just to keep my performance running smooth.  I will say that road, building and autogen placement isn't perfect and you will still get highways criss-crossing residential areas.

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Thx for your answer!


I indeed changed some of the scenery order to fix this problem...

That various scenery are some aerosoft scenery, night environment and so on.


The only thing in the order which is different, is that the regions are above the aerosoft scenery...

It is Ok that only the orbxlibs are on top?


I indeed migrate FTX Central, but the problem was also present before that...

And I was also thinking of disabling those roads and railroads... :)

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I would suggest putting everything back the way it was in your scenery list, and then experiment with disabling some of Vector's features to see if things look better.


I know how hard it can be when you fly over a familiar area and you tend to stare at places to only notice that roads don't match up quite right, or autogen not sitting perfectly.  I think this is a legacy issue with the way FSX was coded, and it's carried on ever since.  Both P3D and FSX:SE work from the same legacy coding.  Perhaps one way to eliminate this issue overall, is to move to photoscenery only and ditch autogen...of course the downside is that all your urban areas are flat looking.


I did read in the ORBX forums that they are delaying the release of OpenLC North America due to getting some better imagery which may equate to better looking and more accurate ground imagery.


I personally try to may no mind to such inconsistencies though.  It's far more important for me, as a virtual pilot, to takeoff, fly and land in one piece, rather than point out that there are roads going through my house. :D

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Those roads I also don't mind,

But on the next screenshot you will see those buildings and roads been cut off...

That is what is bothering me.




But I now changed the order in the scenery as described on various forums.

- Orbxlibs above

- Other airports (such as aerosoft, ...)

- ORBX regions

- ORBX openLC

- Bathymetry and stock scenery

- ORBX Vector

- FS Global 2010 FTX version

- Base files


- Default Scenery and Terrain


But still scenery as shown in the screenshot.

I also disabled the railroads and tertiary roads... thinking of doing the same with the secundairy roads


I also don't know how that I should search on the internet for this problem, how is this called :) cut-off buldings or tiles problem... none of those terms gave me a good result...

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here's another suggestion, head over to ORBX's website and find the PDF manual that you can download for FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC and they reiterate the importance and graphically illustrate it, in terms of scenery order.


As for cut off roads and buildings, that may be a case of how the tiles are arranged and how the landclass is defined.  That is probably getting out of my field of full understanding and expertise but if this also helps, check your scenery settings in the sim and try either bumping up or down the sliders to see if there are differences.  I noticed in your screenshots above that your autogen is very low, so maybe bump that up a little too.

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Here is a last screenshot for illustration: (also notice in the top of the screenshot, the field, building mixture/cut-off)



And my scenery settings in P3D:



I have not the fastest system (I5, 3,6 ghz, Geforce GTX 760 2 GB) so those sliders are not fully at max... (such as bathymetry and water detail)


Maybe I should rename my scenery.cfg and let P3d create a new one?

Or is it a terrain issue, where the underlaying scenery is put on top? So maybe starting up with a clean terrain.cfg?


I don't know... these were some things I read on other forums...


BTW, in which order did you install your ORBX? I did first Global, then Vector and then OpenLC...

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Ok, so your settings look good but that screenshot made me wince.  That tile with the residential on it looks very out of place.  Where is this location, btw?

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Location is EBBR, starting from runway 07L

After leaving the airport grounds, you will see this in front of you, going straight ahead.


I'm thinking of re-installing the whole thing again...

Last thing I tried was switching off the fs-global and inserting freemesh X.

But it all looks the same

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As much as it pains me to say, I would have to agree with you that reinstalling may be a better option.  I say this because I too have had strange occurrences pop up with ORBX scenery since their migration process was released.  I am currently seeking direction and advice over at the official ORBX forums to see if the migration is hosed or not.  I may be in the same situation as you and have to start over, but at least we will have the peace of mind of knowing everything installed and migrated properly.

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Indeed, I did a recent swap of HDD to SSD, made a full backup of the old drive and recovered that back-up on the new drive... Since then, P3D isn't running that smooth anymore... Will be days of work, but probably for the best...


How did you install your orbx? Did you start the simulator after each install? After install of Global, starting P3D, then after install Vector and also after install of OpenLC?

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From what I have gathered from other people who have done swaps, thinking it wouldn't matter, I believe it does and this may have been part of the problem as well.


I know how much of a pain it is to reinstall content, with some people have a whole lot more than others.  As for installing and then running the sim after each install, I don't typically do that with ORBX scenery as the FTX Central application should sort everything out, and as long as it is run prior to running your sim.  The only time I found that my reinstall flow was interrupted, with with Pilot's FS Global Mesh, whereby you needed to reboot.  As for airports, regions and other scenery content for ORBX, I would typically install everything in one shot, then fire up Central one last time before I would call it good.  Remember, FTX Central typically opened anyways after each install, or even prior.  I do like how ORBX has it set up to make sure FTXC opens and ensures everything is sync and organized prior to further installs or when you fly.


With this new migration though, there aren't any clear cut instructions or demos to understand how it all comes together.  I'm still trying to get the gist of what the Unified LCLookup is suppose to do under the hood, and with the issues I had and now finding that the migration may not have worked on everything, I am at a standstill.

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Just reïnstalled, made every directory empty, also in programData and so on, but after the install of OpenLC is stays the same, cut off buildings...

So I give up...

I didn't change anything on the scenery.cfg order, so all is installed like the program would install it...


Either I disable OpenLC or I will have to live with it (because it gives more variation)...


Maybe one thing I could ask... Does anyone experience the same when departing from EBBR from 25L? Just fly straight on (into Brussels city) and you will see those factories being cut off (just outside the airport terrain)...

If you guys/girls see it also like this, then it is normal and I can live with it :)


BTW, it was a new installation with only P3D + ORBX global + Vector + OpenLC Europe. No mesh was applied...

Going to try to insert FreeMesh X into the scenery, but I don't have high hopes that this will fix it...

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I'm running the full FTX package; Base, Vector (turned off quite a few things), both OpenLC and full FreeMeshX


Here's how that area look on mine, with the current date / spring textures (believe that's roughly the area?);



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Thx, It looks the same , I think, also cut-off building/tiles and sudden changes between agricultural area's and factories...


Looks like I uninstalled my Prepar3d for nothing... although it is running smoother now :)


Thx again for the effort of taking a screenshot for me!

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