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Garry J. Smith

Jump Ramp Teaser ! ! !

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Hi Good people,


Something different for FS2004 is coming your way - Working Jump Ramps.


Not sure if this has ever been done before, but the Ford Project Team is about to release a bit of scenery that includes a bucket of jump ramps for your flying fun.


There are eleven different jumps within the scenery package - from slight to very steep........




I am having great fun testing this scenery with a wide range of aircraft as I work on the refinements.


In Final Tweaking mode now and should be available very soon...........



Your Ford Project Team

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Anyone ever design an Alpine Ski Jumper??? ..... doesn't have to be Olympic caliber ......

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Yes, you can ski!!...

& from Bill Lyons... http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004ac&DLID=56031



By the way, Have a look at all of Bill Lyons stuff, (here & at Flightsim.com). Truly Amazing. Most of his packages have scenery, cars & other stuff! & Yes, some of the stuff is for FS2002, but runs perfectly in FS2004

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Hi Good People,


The Fun JUMP Scenery Package is now available at the Ford-Tri Motor Project web site.


It is a very busy group of fun stuff packed into a very small area.




Where do you get it !!!!! - from the Scenery Page at the Ford Tri-Motor Project Web site


Or you can just click on this link to go straight there: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/scenery.htm


You will find the Ford-Timor scenery pack near the bottom of the page.


If you like it then spread the word about it to other happy simmers.


Regards and happy Simming from the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team

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Hi Good People,


Could not resist a challenge mentioned in a forum thread - a Grass runway up/down a sloping hill.  Got it worked out and have added it to the Ford-Timor Scenery pack.


Sorry to those that have already downloaded and installed the Ford-Timor project it will be a simple matter of download again and then just unzip into your Ford-Timor scenery directory and carry on as normal.


What have I done?


(1) I have refined, yet again some of the jump ramps - particularly the Big Ski Jump - made it more smoother - very fiddly stuff working in three dimensions adding a 3D model in a very challenging area.


(2) Added a runway up/down a hill and an airfield at the top for parking etc.  See Pictures below:




That's all - no more tinkering


Regards from your Ford-Project Team


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