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Hello folks, just to let you know im a retired FSX user.  gave it up after years of use and tons of fun and headaches.

tried X plane years ago , but did not like it at the time. 

after a few years of not sim flying, decided to get back in full circle. But i had to decide on a sim, FSX was out, already knew the troubles and did not need to repeat the same headaches, especially when FSX decided to go south.


X plane was the only alternative; its been out just as long as FSX, and has made super tons of improvements. Always liked the way X plane feels when flying but did not like the way it looked visually.

but now Wow.

I wanted a new rig to operate in, so i built a water cooled system.



Asus Z-170-ar MB

Gigabyte GTX 1070 vid 

1T samsung solid state hd

32 gig razor mem

850 Themaltkae PW

480 rad cooling system

Core P5 case


I wanted to see what it could do with X plane.

works better than i expected.  have all sliders turned up and my com wont even break a sweat. so far so good.

well enough of the dumb chatter, you forum folks like to know what we are dealing with.

my question is being new to X plane im kinda lonely out there all by myself,  

i went to tips and tricks , where im at now.  and the gentleman's link is broken.  where do i get those AI planes.


Also im looking for a good !72 to start with. the default one is good.  but you folks know best.


im looking for the best Ai traffic,

weather, atc etc.


So far i like what i see, im already getting the bug all over again.  my wife says im loosing you again.:[


Am i missing something..................RobertC says thanks


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Thanks for the reply my friend, but im needing a good traffic program, so i wont feel so lonely.

also in tips and tricks i cannot seem to get the link to get me to the aircraft to download.


Is there a good traffic program.



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I use World Traffic 2.0 and am very happy with it. Yes it has it's drawbacks at the moment in that you need to spend some time setting it up but I have it now just as I need it. Thousands of flight plans at the majority of airports I fly to and from.


There are scripts you can run that generate all the flight plans for you. Visit the product forum on the org.


I took these screenshots at KPHX. What I like about WT 2.0 is that the AI planes follow the correct SID's and STAR's, they use the Navigraph AIRAC files.


As I mentioned it takes a bit of setting up but for me it's worth it. 









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I believe it is Clouds Gold Edition X II 1.3 BETA, Think I picked it up from the org sorry it was a while back and I do not have the link.


I prefer these to Skymaxx Pro when flying jets as the clouds reach the horizon and my frame rates are very good with these. I still like Skymaxx pro when flying VFR

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