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List of requests for new flight simulator

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Hi.  I missed out on replying to your post asking for options and features I'd like to see in a new sim. As the thread is now closed I'd like to take the opportunity to add my list of requests:


1. Better graphics engine - 64-bit, better memory management, DX11 or DX12

2. Improved ATC - automatically assign SIDs and STARs where available, improve vector approaches by fixing bug where ATC gives multiple course headings causing one to turn back and forth unnecessarily and fixing the issue where ATC makes you fly 30+ miles from the airport before vectoring you to final approach, have ATC more realistically give altitude commands instead of the current model where they do this only within 300 feet of the currently assigned altitude, add speed instructions, add the ability to use different voices based on location.

3. Add the ability to easily update the sim's database of navigation aids, waypoints, SIDs and STARs, airways, etc.

4. Improved AI traffic behavior - prevent go-arounds due to planes trying to land on the same runway at the same time by having ATC actually manage AI aircraft speed and spacing, add the ability to easily change the speed of ai aircraft when taxiing, and the speed of cars, ships, and trains.

5. Add AI trains - make this like AI aircraft and ships so that users can make custom models and route plans.

6. Improved weather-related graphics - volumetric clouds, VC rain drops and effects(e.g. water running down the windows), cloud shadows, ice/snow accumulation effects.

7. Improve the sim's scenery model - allow the use of custom autogen for any number of areas instead of having to refer to a single master autogen file or single master terrain.cfg file, allow the use of custom landclass for any number of areas by allowing multiple landclass lookup tables, use a true round earth model and stop the stretching and shrinking of the scenery tiles as the latitude changes.

8. Interactive ground crew - communicate directly with ground crew for pushback, power hook-up, jetway extension/retraction, etc.

9. Runways that conform to the underlying terrain, i.e. sloped runways


Some of these have likely already been requested by others.


Thanks a lot for your consideration.





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Ditto Dave,  For me the ability to create your own is the primary reason Microsoft Flight Simulator X has held this community captive for over 10 years.  Some of us get high on missions, for others it's aircraft or scenery; but the fact we are all proactively involved in the Sim is the reason It has outlived any App/Program, at least that I'm aware of.  I do hope DoveTail will consider this feature... and capitalize on it.  If so, then they will be around for a long time.  Good luck Stephen Hood...enjoyed your rather vague talk at FlightSimCon.


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LOL A long list of requests for a new FLIGHTsim and not a word is spend on planes... You know, those things you FLY in...? :Tounge: 

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 #6 definitely needs to be in the new simulator!

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Native support for force feedback yokes (like the Brunner CLS-E yoke).


To have trim functions directly tied to forces for pitch would be HUGE!

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