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SODE & GSX install XML Runtime error

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Evening folks...

Below are the errors I get when trying to install GSX to P3D V3 after having installed SODE.

My initial install was "Tropical Sim" SAEZ 2016 which comes SODE ready.

Downloaded and installed the latest version of SODE

Alls well, Have SODE Jetways at SAEZ 2016

Install three FS DREAMTEAM Airports....

All is good....

Install GSX.... Boom.

These are what happened

Interesting thing is that when I tried to uninstall the FS Dreamteam products along with COATI addon installer....

The same errors came up..

Somewhere I read it has to do with a DLL.XML?

I havent the faintest and thought someone else might have had this issue,,,,

Anything stand out in the images?


Image 1: Just after closing SODE Registration window....


Image 2: Closing thge runtime error popup


Image 3: After closing the last error.. Leaves my instalation window frozen as in image.


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Somewhere I read it has to do with a DLL.XML?


Whenever you install GSX and SODE and FSDT airports, part of the installation will be to place entries in your dll.xml and exe.xml.  There are currently two folders that could contain the dll.xml and exe.xml and the required entries for FSDT and SODE.  One is in the same folder as where your P3D.cfg is located.  The other is the same folder as where your scenery.cfg is located for P3D.  Both are hidden folders.  On page 5 of the AVSIM CTD Guide, I show the location of these hidden folders.  Rob Ainsworth just published the AVSIM P3D Guide and he has the location of these folders and entries too.  The standard installation folder FSDT uses for the dll.xml is the folder where the scenery.cfg is located (which is the new location for P3D).  You want to make sure you do not have the entries in the dll.xml and exe.xml in the folder where your p3d.cfg is located and also in the dll.xml and exe.xml where your scenery.cfg is located.


If the entries are not in the dll.xml or exe.xml then you can try to fix it by downloading the latest Standalone Addon Manager.  Just go to the Products and select GSX and then click on Addon Manager and install it.  It will make sure your installation was properly done.  According to Image 1, SODE is properly installed.  Image 2 - List index out of bounds - see the following link at FSDT Forums -  Image 3 - Adding Addon Manager to dll.xml file, indicates to me it is adding the file or checking for the file.  Again, just run the Standalone Addon Manager again.


These issues are not really P3D issues.  If you cannot get it resolved with my suggestions above, I would go to the FSDT Forums, sign in and post your problem there.  The developer is extremely helpful IMHO.


Best regards,


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Jim.. Thanks so much...

Interesting that I can spend hours on the internet looking for error codes and similar issues and give up finally to post something about it as I did....

I hate depending on others and am a problem solver by nature...

I found the fsdreamteam post about the dll.xml

That was the issue...

Some how someway, my dll.xml go modified with a w at the end....


This is the last entry.... And some installation put that there....

my first guess is the last install I did which was ejets....

For what its worth...


This wont work....


    <Name>FeelThere EJetX Helper</Name>
I took out the W, saved and wala!
Anyhow, thank you again for the advice....
It aint the first and wont be the last but somehow it is a pattern that as soon as I post it... I end up figuring it out..\
All my best...

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