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Flight Sim Windows 10 Issues

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I have 64 bit Win 10 Pro upgraded from Win 7 Pro.

I have had no problems using my registered ver of Flight Sim X Gold Edition in Win 7 and after I upgraded to Win 10 at the end of July.

With Win 10 Pro, I was able to delay the install of the Anniversary update for a while but it finally caught up with me a couple weeks ago.

The update fried my boot record so the drive/registry I was using was useless for booting, But everything on the HD was still accessible.

So the Geeks installed a new HD with Win 10 Anniversary update installed. I could now access my old HD but obviously Flight Sim would not start up.

I tried reinstalling Flight Sim over the top of the existing as I have done successfully with other programs but it won’t complete the install from the original disks.

I tried copying the disks to a thumb drive from a different computer then copy all the files to the new HD and try the reinstall that way, no joy.

So getting to my questions before I go out and buy Flight Sim X all over again:

  1. Can Flight Sim X be installed on a Win 10 Pro machine?
  2. If I buy the Steam ver of Flight Sim, will my Megascenery files and added “stuff” work?
  3. What other options might I have?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Quick answers:


1. I'm running FSX:SE successfully on Win 10 Pro 64bit.

2. Whilst I don't have Megascenery, it definitely works with FSX:SE according to the website - The vast majority of add-ons also work although some early PMDG aircraft apparently have problems.

3. Have you tried running the FSX disk install "as administrator". Also try installing it outside of Program Files (x86) if you haven't already.


You'll probably find that Win 10 works better as a clean install with the Anniversary Update.

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Many people have installed and run FSX with Win10, including myself.

I don't use FSX:SE but I would guess yes, they absolutely want the most people to buy their product.

Fresh install of FSX is best, trying to reinstall over an already broken FSX install is not trust worthy. Worst case scenario is reformat and reinstall Win10 fresh.

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Thanks Vortex and Bumpy, Clean install didn't work. Says there is a corrupted file. The more I read about the SE version the more impressed i am. So I may just go that route. Thanks again....

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If nothing else, FSX-SE removes any potential registration problems that might be encountered with the boxed version. Plus, you can't lose the disks!

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Hello to my fellow FSX Pilots.

I've done the following.

My FSX disks worked great on a win 7 with 64 bit processor and when I upgraded my older win 7 pc to win 10 I had no problems with my FSX program since they still were installed and working in win 10 world.

But I purchased a new pc with now the latest clean win 10 anniversary computer with twelve gigs of memory and of course a 64 bit processor.

I went to install disk one and I recived installaition errors.

I've tried both repair and uninstall both with no luck.

It even told me that the wizard installed the program one hundred percent without even asking for disk two which we all know that is not correct as well.

So, if anyone is having luck installing FSX Gold on a win 10 anniversary home edition pc.

Please let me know.

Now how can a blind person fly?

We use the following three programs that work hand in hand together.

1. FSX Gold.

Now, I probably would go to the steam world since all of the games are going towards the steam world.

But Valve Corporation the owners and designers of the STEAM world will not return our phone calls nor our e-mail letters letting them know that STEAM isn't blind friendly and have asked them to go to and other petition web sites to read our comments on petitions about why steam should be accessible for the blind as well.

2. We do use the program FSUIPC.

3. Last but not least the voice input program from Canada called Its Your Plane or IYP for short.

If you'd like to see you tube videos on how blind people are flying both private GA flights and participating in their virual careers in the IYPVA mode, checkout the videos on the IYP web site at

Now, this FSX Pilot want to see a FSX version of the new successor to the older DF7X which is the current DF8X.

Why do I want to upgrade?

1. The DF8X flies 500 miles further than the older DF7X.

2. The fuel on the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than on the older DF7X as well.

3. The DF8X is the newest trijet three engine aircraft.

Yes, the DF7X is the only GA aircraft I'll fly for GA flights.

And I down loaded my DF7X from

then went to the free down load page, and did the search for dassault or dassautlt falcon and the version you'll want is version 2.

I met a man from the U.K online who gave me a aswemome Pittsburgh Steelers Football team paint job for my DF7X.

So, there you have it.

If anyone can figure out why windows 10 anniversary doesn't like the diskets for FSX Gold I'd deeply appreciate the help.

I was told if I remember correctly, that there has to be a line of code placed down in the registery.

But I don't remember what that was or where it would go to allow us to install disk one and to have the install wizard install the program like any other program would install.

Many Thanks.

Ron Kolesar, AKA The Blind Pilot

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Using 'run as admin' during install?

Perhaps setting a compatibility mode for the install disc file?

Last resort, I have not tried this, but perhaps creating a mountable backup iso clone of your FSX disc would work?

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