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Main window stuck on "Check Controls" forever!

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I hate this software.


I cannot use the down arrow on the main panel beyond check flight control.


And after losing 12 hours with it, I just lost 30 minutes of typing because my cat jumped up and hit my keyboard, he will not be doing that again.


Please help.


I cannot spend another second at my desk, submitting this and walking away.

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Hi Aaron,


Rule of thumb:  if you're spending more than 45 minutes on a problem, send us a support ticket or contact us here.


I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish with the down arrow to be honest.


Have you printed the tutorials and followed them to the letter?


I would start there.


The tutorials have been successfully flown by 1000s of users.  If you follow them, it will work

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Yes, and thank you.


I am a disabled veteran, broke my neck in Bosnia in 2000, cannot sit for long without hurting badly, have a new wife who thinks I am growing tired of her if I spend more than 15 minutes flying, in laws who want almost all of my time, and trying to get an old home off my property so I can put a new one in, so I don't have the time to do a complete, all systems checked, all switches checked, etc, flight.


So as I had done before successfully before wiping windows and starting fresh, I wanted to use the arrows to start my flight on the runway, and start from there, but it is not allowing me too.


It will be a minimum of a year before I can start cold and dark and just go from there, and that will be with many pauses so I can get up and move around.


FS2Crew is not what I thought it to be, I thought I could simply use it to tell the co-pilot to raise the gear, flaps, etc.


Thank you, I will just do a little learning with the tutorials here and there.

I do look forward to using it with PMDG some day to make it as real as possible, my older home I am not living in at the moment but that contains most of my belongings was broken into and vandalized last night, and my body is killing me, I guess I am just down right now.


Thank you for the quick reply, and have a wonderful day.


Mine can only get better, I apologize for my poor attitude.

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No worries.


Just print out the tutorial or use an iPad and you'll be okay.


We're going for "as real as it gets", which means it can't be simple.


But it's worth the investment in time once you got it figured out.



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