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Piper Arrow

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I note that this post is under the FSX-SE subheading and if you are using this platform, I think it is incompatible with the Carenado Arrow, which as far as I know only works with FSX, so if you are using SE that might make the decision for you regarding the Carenado product! I use it in FSX and, having flown it for quite a few hours on various flights, I have to say I am quite pleased with it. It comes with the usual excellent Carenado modelling and textures, both externally and internally which gives the VC a realistic and immersive feel. When I was a real world pilot, I flew many GA types including the Piper Tomahawk, Cherokee and Aztec, but unfortunately never flew the Arrow, so I can't comment on it from personal experience. The Carenado Arrow does however appear to me to have quite realistic flying characteristics with no great deviations from what one might expect. The sounds, both internal and external, also seem pretty realistic, but if you were not happy with the supplied sound set, I note that Arrow sound sets are also available as payware from Synchrosoft and TSS.


The Carenado Arrow has also been criticised for the use of a Bendix King autopilot similar to the FSX default autopilot rather than the slightly more quirky Century III autopilot which was fitting to many Piper types of that era. As the Arrow IV was a later Piper model, I'm not sure which autopilot was fitted to this variant, but from a practical viewpoint, the supplied autopilot is very intuitive to use for anyone familiar with FSX although I admit that the Century III is not difficult to use either once you learn the function of the controls.



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Thanks for the feedback!  I will have to take a look at the incompatibility issues and/or just wait and see with Justflight.  I must say the Justflight version doesn't look half bad.  


Much appreciated.  



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