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Thanks a lot once again

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OK so not a lot of people may know me but I stream on Twitch only GA aircraft mainly the A2A Comanche.


I have used EZDok for such a long time and it's done its job well. But when I watched some videos about ChasePlane I had to get it.


It is in alpha stage and being a software applications tester myself I was expecting a whole load of defects and crashes - to my surprise it was quite the opposite for me. In my opinion it is more than stable enough to replace my trusty EZDok.


I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great tool and also a special thanks to Keven for joining my stream tonight.


I lost my streaming software scenes so unfortunately you cannot see the chat but if you would like to see me get all excited about ChasePlane check out my youtube video...


As I say it's already proven its worth over EZDok in this alpha stage. The future looks bright with things to come.


If you own A2A aircraft then perform your walk around backwards like my video. Make sure you start in a pilot view position.


Now just a couple of things I'd like to see in the future of ChasePlane...


1. The ability to have separate transition times for each category of cameras. Fast transition in the VC but slow transition on outside views


2. Auto-quit after the sim has closed.


3. Set default camera to load first time a flight is loaded.


None of these are huge - just requests.


The interface can be a bit glitchy so settings not saving for individual cameras but I tried it again and it worked fine. Once again not huge issue once you get your cameras setup.


I'll carry on having a mess with the alpha and any defects I'll pass on :)


Sorry if there are typos or dodgy spelling mistakes I sent this off my phone.


Take care

UKJim -


P.S. Superb how you can import EZDok cam sets!

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Couldn't agree more Jim! I bought it out of curiosity (and with not too many expectations at this early stage), but was so impressed with the way that it already performs that I have now binned EZDok for good. The trouble is - I now miss all the pre-flight entertainment! Y'know....  "Simconnect does not answer more than 50 seconds", "EZDok has stopped working and will now close", "You want to fly when??" I wonder if Keven could be persuaded to include those beloved error messages as an optional extra - just to keep us nostalgia buffs happy??  :Party:

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UKJim, thank you for taking the time to write a post!


We're noting your observations/suggestions, some already have been implemented.


Guys, follow UKJim, he's worth watching!


Best Regards,


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Thanks Keven I'll definitely keep you posted on my findings.


I'll be on the sim again today but away from the stream see what I come up with.

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