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P3D VAS Management

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I was wondering if someone could explain to me how VAS management in P3D works. First let me provide the scenario for an OOM I experienced as I hardly, if ever at all, receive OOM’s. I flew from SEA to LAX with the following add-ons: PMDG 737NGX, FTX ORBX PNW, NCA, SCA, AS16, T2G Seattle, FSDT LAX, and WoAI (however I flew on-line and encountered very little AI enroute or at my departure and arrival airports. Upon turning final to LAX runway 25L I encountered an OOM. This was my first ever OOM in P3D. I have made no changes to my sim for months now and was perplexed as to why this happened. 

I decided to replicate the flight and this time I utilized Pete Dawson’s FSUIPC VAS monitor to see where the problem occurs. Immediately after starting the sim I lost about 2GB which I expected on the ground at SEA with PNW and the NGX. The departure and enroute saw the some VAS return, not a lot, but at least I was not using more VAS. I arrived into LAX on the SADDE7 arrival and descending down to about 12,000 my frames were smooth hitting the 50’s consistently and there was minimal VAS usage (I was still hovering around 2GB used). Closing in on LAX my sim paused to allow the Couatl engine to load LAX and once LAX was loaded my frames dropped to the high 20’s / low 30’s and my VAS usage increased fast. This time I was able land, however, shortly after landing the sim OOM’d. 

I thought with P3D OOM’s were a thing of the past as the sim would dump used memory creating more VAS space, however, that was not the case for me at least. My understanding of P3D’s VAS management may be incorrect which is why I’m asking for everyone’s help in explaining how P3D’s VAS management works and how I can prevent OOM’s in the future. Should I save my flight, close and reopen the sim, and reload my flight? Will that work? While that’s a nuisance, I would rather land at my destination than the alternative.

My specs:

i7-4790 4.0 GHz 

GTX 970 4GB 
Samsung 840 500GB SSD (dedicated to P3d)



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I can't elaborate on how P3D manages VAS, but can tell you that OOM's are not impossible in P3D.  Far less likely, but they're still there.

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