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Option request for all button version products

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Hello. This may seem a little contradictory to what the products are trying to simulate(you as captain interacting at each required point with your crew by pressing a button) but, I wonder if we could have the option to just press the button once when we are ready to proceed with whatever section of the checklist is next and then just have the check/response go automatically from there? This would be assuming something isn't missed or in a wrong state. Then having it stop and wait for whatever was not set in the correct state before continuing on.


Basically, the same sort of approach that the default checklist system in the aerosoft airbus does. I'm not using FS2Crew in the airbus right now because I prefer their approach. The only thing I miss is that I think your checklist is a little more "by the book" than theirs is. I know that the button press is supposed to be us as captain replying when we are supposed to in the script. But, me personally, I don't like having to hit a button so many times for the responses.

I hope that makes sense what I'm saying. Again, just to have this as an option as I realize that this may not be for everyone. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks!

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Hi Kevin,


We're always open to new ideas.  It's something we can consider as an option.



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