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Is there anything special I should take into account when installing the Fixer? Any other setting changes but the DX10 preview check?

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That readme first explains that the installation doesn't change fsx, but just copies files, so you can safely do so without concern. When it's finished it launches the front end dx10controller which has a button to read the PDF manual. Then you can tell it where fsx is to be found etc.

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Ok, that was easy when you got pointed to right direction.


The results from installation(s) were not satisfactory.

At first I gained (after correcting fx2.bmp error);

-loss of fps roughly to half of the former, 10-15fps (25-30 to start with)

-no vc shadows

-water turned violet


Second installation improved things a bit. I first installed dtx5 and dx1 textures via REX direct.

-natural water color returned

-fps slightly improved but still some third from the former around 15-25 

-loss of metallic shine

-still no vc shadows


Did not touch the Nvidia Inspector settings as I read that they did not affect DX10 settings.

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You should set Nvi as described in chapter 6. The key thing in there is the smart grid super sampling which does work in dx10. The multisampling setting is ignored.


You should aim to match the multi sampling AA that you had set in Nvi via the fixer screen again it's in chapter 6


Reasons for not getting VC shadows are listed in chapter 8. Its on page 61 in the draft of the manual that I have here so it may differ by a page or two for you, there are four points to check. the most common reason is using a non default aircraft without setting ForceVCShadowMap in fsx.cfg or a legacy aircraft without the legacy settings to show shadows being set.


Its best to start with the default Cessna and build up to other aircraft.


The frame rate should be identical with the fixer to without it. The rate between dx10 and dx9 varies but should normally be within a frame or two if the same Anti aliasing settings are used taking note that they are specified by different routes as described in chapter six.


The one exception is that enabling VC shadows for a very complex aircraft (PMDG or FSL) will cost frames as the complex VC model gets drawn twice to create them.


Loss of metallic shine sounds like a legacy port over aircraft. Check the legacy settings. There should be no difference with an aircraft built with the fsx sdk or the sdk from the previous version of flight simulator.

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