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Most realistic turbulence Setting for AS16/ASCA? - some problems with ALT deviation

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Hello all,

I'm using AS16 and ASCA since it was released, and I'm very pleased with the program. But since a few weeks ago, I've the impression that there might be something wrong with my turbulence settings: Flying the iFly 744 V2 and the Level-D 767 on long haul flights I experience a strange autopilot behavior when encountering turbulence: The aircraft can't hold the selected MCP ALT anymore, and begins to deviate from that altitude in both directions. It starts to climb or descend, but always overshoots the selected MCP ALT so the a maneuver in the opposite direction is startet. It appears like a kind of "sinus-wave" flown around the selected altitude. The deviation is about +-600ft maximum. 
As the problem is always directly solved when AS16 is shut down, I think AS16 is the reason for that. I also expected that the turbulence setting might be the problem, because it doesn't occur everytime, but always in connection with turbulence encounter. 
At the moment I'm using the default settings for turbulence. As I like the turbulence effect very much, and I can't distinguish which setting is realistic, but I know that the described behaviour isn't, i'd like to ask you which settings are the most realistic to depict turbulence in that strength they occur in real world most of the time. 
Which turbulence settings result in the most realistic experience? 
If you have any other idea of the cause of my problem, please feel free to comment on that, too :) 
Thanks for the great AS16 software and your help :)
best regards. 

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I just zero the turbulence settings out.  Everything over that seems to adversely affect my flying experience in the tubes.

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my current setting is 55, generally i just adjusted it down until it behaves reasonably but still bounces a bit in actual heavy turbulence.


try toggling the enhanced setting as well. i find that it works better with some planes and worse with others in terms of how it interacts with their flight models..


if you use a camera addon like ezdok or chaseplane also keep in mind that you can adjust settings there. i found that i get a very natural feel if i turn chaseplane down to about 0.5 for accel and gyro forces, at least with the NGX. 


i think the 'perfect' settings may vary a bit depending on the plane. if the autopilot in the ones you are trying is having trouble keeping up that is probably the first thing to adjust towards.



-andy crosby

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