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DX10 Fixer and Cloud Shadow Updates

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I have a couple of questions re: updating these two programs:


1. While my DX10 Fixer was purchased at FSStore where it is quite straightforward to dl new versions, the DX10 Cloud Shadows was from Fastspring and it is not apparent where I go to get new versions as they are released by you.  I did just get the latest v1.2 using the link in the email I received from Fastspring when I purchased the original release but if I ever lose that email  I've no idea how I could update.


2. I'm confused about how to update both of these new versions.  In the previous update from CS v1.01 to v1.1 you recommended that both programs be uninstalled and then new versions re-installed.  Is that still the case?


Thanks for your continued support with these great programs.




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I have hidden Hypofx's post only so I can clarify better.


The standard method of updating if there is a new release of Cloud Shadows is and will be


1) Download and install the latest fixer version (getting from FSS or FastSpring) no need to uninstall the old version


2) Download and install the latest version of Cloud Shadows from FastSpring and install - no need to uninstall the old version.


3) Run the controller which will offer an option to update the libraries which you should do.



Now very occasionally there may be a release of Cloud Shadows such as version 1.1 where there is a different process for users like yourself that purchased the fixer from the Flight Sim Store. This is necessary to patch the fixer to a later build revision where I haven't delivered that build via the Flight Sim Store. In this case the notification of the Cloud Shadows update will describe the sequence of steps to follow (which will be as Hypofx described).


This may occur again next week - I have a version of Cloud Shadows (1.3) which I may release or I may hold back until January when I do another full Fixer release to 3.3. If it does occur earlier then I very much doubt that it will ever happen again after that.


To your other point the URL will always get you the latest version of Cloud Shadows - with the rule about 21 days from release. Howeve if you miss out just email me using the support yahoo email and I will reset it for you. I would advise you to print out your email (as I do with Aerosoft orders) and store in a handy box. If you lose it do not panic. Just email me and I will find your order and resend it to you. This happens about 3 times a week.

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