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Tracking P3D OOMs

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My friends,


I think most people running P3D are aware that many in our community suffer from Out of Memory errors (despite using the recommended methods to avoid them) and there are also those who like me don't have this problem.


While reading a particular post this evening, I wondered if DX11 doesn't have some residual mirror allocation going on, or if there might otherwise be some relationship between OOMs and those with video cards that contain higher amounts or VRAM.  In other words, some type of relationship which might result in someone with a video card having 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, etc., with all things being equal, be more prone to suffering an OOM than someone with 1GB or 2GB VRAM.  For the record, I'm aware of the differences between DX9 and DX11, so we don't need to have this conversation.


I'm hoping that people suffering from OOMs will consider providing some of their system specs in order to help track the source of comparative OOMs (all things being equal between two systems, one system is prone to OOMs while the other is not).


This is only for OOMs under Prepar3d (P3D). 


Terms Used:


RAM          Physical Memory on the Motherboard

VRAM       Physical Memory on the Graphics Card

VAS          Virtual Address Space, basically the specific space set devoted to an application (such as P3D).  With a 64bit operating system, the size of  

                  allocated VAS can  be up to 4GB for each 32bit application.





1. Version of Prepar3d?


2. Processor Type (example: i7 4770K)


    Turbo Mode Setting)?


3. GPU   *Please create separate entry for each video card.

    Manufacturer (example: Gigabyte)

    Model Number (example: GTX980)


    Amount of VRAM?  


4. Amount of RAM?


5. Number of monitors in use (may or may not display P3D?


6. Number of monitors on which P3D is displayed on?


7. Did you have more than two airport sceneries enabled during the OOM(s)?



Many thanks for your help.



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