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X-Camera 2.2.1 is ready

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X-Camera version 2.2.1 is released. You can review the change log details in the user guide on the download page.

There is also a tutorial that covers the major enhancements to X-Camera 2.2.1:

If you are currently a 2.1.1 registered user your current 2.0 registration key will work with 2.2.1. If you are an X-Camera 1.1 user you will need to get a new key by registering again on our registration page.

Here are the highlights of the changes:

  • Fixed the problem that prevented X-Plane views from being activated
  • Changed the method for smooth camera joins to use a three control point Bezier curve algorithm
  • Improved the “Nearest Airport Camera” to find the closest airport camera file within a 20 nautical mile radius of the plane.
  • Adapted the X-Plane 11 Multi-Monitor support on external cameras to work with the new way X-Plane 11 PB6 supports offset rotations
  • Fixed a bug in linear and smooth transitions when joining cameras with the auto advance feature. The bug introduced an additional frame at the camera join points which would look like a micro-stutter as the transitions were processed
  • Modified the “Create Orbit” function to not use “Smooth Camera joins”. This is no longer needed with the aforementioned transition bug fixed
  • Add transitions for X, Y, and Z CG offsets
  • Added a SMOOTH_WINDOW parameter to the X-Camera.ini file so that the default 60 frame smooth window for the smooth camera joins option can be adjusted
  • Removed HotKey for toggle walk mode as it conflicted with movie recording
  • Added X CG Offset
  • Fixed problems with applying Y and Z offsets
  • Added Next View ID and Previous View ID select commands
  • Added Select Category by ID command
  • Added Cinema Verite option per camera
  • Added Copy and Paste Camera
  • Added Copy and Paste Camera Set
  • Implemented FOV for Bezier curve transitions
  • Added “Toggle Target Following” to the list of common camera commands on the Mini Control Panel
  • Fixed some focus problems on a few dialogs that was caused by the opening and closing of the Mini Control Panel
  • Fixed a bug with enable temporary positioning where the camera would not get restored if it was the current camera and then it is selected again via a view_id command or by the Mini Control Panel
  • Fixed a problem where Pan Speed Toggle could initialize in a random state if settings were never saved
  • Significantly enhanced the Mini-Control Panel
    • Add a row for cameras with View ID’s assigned
    • Add a row of context sensitive commands based on current camera
    • Allowed Mini-Control Panel to be pinned
    • Added more context to the Mini-Control Panel title bar

  • Significantly enhanced the Community Aircraft File functionality
    • You can submit your camera files to the community from directly in X-Camera
    • You can update your submissions with new versions directly from within X-Camera
    • You can refresh your cache from the community file server directly from within X-Camera
    • You can filter the browse list for matches on aircraft type or author, no need to hunt and peck through the list
    • The list is now sorted by aircraft type
    • When you load a file from a plane that is not exactly the same but similar, X-Camera will optionally attempt to fix all the cockpit cameras

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How can I enable the Top Hat Pan inside the cockpit. It works fine in External Spot View. Thanks.


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How can I enable the Top Hat Pan inside the cockpit. It works fine in External Spot View. Thanks.



It should work as long as you have the top hat switch mapped to X-Plane pan or rotate  commands.




If you are having problems with it please contact me at and I can help you out.



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