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WOAI Traffic Problem

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Since I heard that --- AI is pirated software, I'll just go ahead and fix WOAI.


I have always wondered why WOAI aircraft keep a 50 feet radius from me on the ground. The aircraft release the brake and inch forward over and over. It's quite annoying.


And then when I leave the taxiway and move on to the runway, the aircraft moves along like nothing happened. 


This happens at every airport. Default and addon.


I also need to know why at 100% my AI still doesn't appear (70%) of the airport is barely filled up

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I this behavior is coded into the FSX simulation engine.  Taxiing works using a system very similar to railroad block occupancy.  At every taxiway intersection there is a node.  Nodes may also be placed along longer sections of taxiways.  The nodes create block sections.  FSX allows only one vehicle, ground or aircraft, to occupy a block.  This can get annoying when ATC repeatedly tells you or the AI to stop and start because of traffic on the taxiway.  FSX also seems to have trouble if two aircraft are approaching a node from different directions.  This can result in the AI inching as FSX issues alternating orders for movement. 

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