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Hello folks, I want to say that I finally built a system that can run fsx without no problems.


But it took ten years of headaches with" FSX"


It started when I upgraded to fsx back in 2006 when it came out. I was a happy camper, Just upgraded to a 2600k or higher I cannot remember,  Had a gtx 295 vid card. I was ready for flying, that is until I hit the play button.


From that point on, It was tweek this or tweek that. Add this and add that. Follow This guys advice and throw this guys advice out. 


You did It all, from that point on you were a" Slave to FSX".  You did what it told you to do. turn this down or shut this off.


I cannot tell you how many times , when coming into a busy airport, that I had to turn somthing down to get a better frame rate..


After all,  thats what it was all about, getting better frame rate right?


I mean when my headache started I was getting a whopping 6 to maybe 20 fps.


What I did not know at that time. Was that I would be upgrading here on out to get a better frame rate.


After building several machines, I finally have FSX where I want It.


The system I have now :



three 32 in Asus monitors

6700k not overclocked.

gtx 1070 not overclocked.

Asus z170 Ar MB

32gig  memory

custom water cooled 480 


software loaded;



Quality 757


My traffic 6

Radar contack

LIl NAVmap


Rex worldwide

HD airports

I run two computers networked.


Im now enjoying flying like never before.


With all that I have said I have loaded on my new built machine my frame rate is unreal.


I now run with everything turned up and all boxes checked. I mean everything, including direct X10 sampler, bloom, all shadow boxes, 


All sliders are all to max. Not a button that is not on max, and my computer does not even work hard. 


The only slider that I have set at 18 % is traffic. My Traffic 6 is so good that if you set it to high , you will have more planes than you can ever imagine.


I set it to as many planes run at my home airport


My vid card fans are almost never running.


My system temp cpu never gets above 28 to 30 cel.


My frame rate now with all that, is running 50 to 60 fps, sometimes getting up to 90 crossing in to 100, depending on where im at.


But on a average it hovers around 40 , 50 , 60. and that my friends is exciting to me.


Finally I can enjoy flying.


While on that note, I will tell you that directx 10 preview absolutely is a major upgrade, if your systen can handle it.


But let me back up . first directx10 gave me that boost in frame rate. I could not believe the diferance it made on my machine.


Without it, my frame rates would be a third less, no kidding.


Now if im understanding this dorectx10 forum , I can even make it better? Is that possible.


Oh and im getting that high frame rate with moving views on seperate monitors.


Now that I have FSX where I want It , and on my terms, Its a blast flying.


I understand that I can even make it better.


Any advice on making directtx10 even better.







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To improve things even further you should overclock that CPU. It's a "k" model, so it's built for overclocking.

No need to go overboard, just give it some decent cooling and crank it up a bit.

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Buy Steve's DX10 Fixer instead of using the DX10 checkbox. Better than P3D and without all of the P3D drama, IMO.

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My story is very similar to yours, I upgraded my potato of a PC to an i7 4790k and couldn't be happier with FSX. Like you I recently discovered dx10, like the person above said makesure you get Steve's DX10 Fixer thats a must have. I think there is a free version if necessary don't hold me to that though. I will also encourage you to have a look at this video, this is the video I followed, I had to self tweak a few things but this got my FSX working brilliantly in dx10. 


Makesure you get Nvidia inspector and follow this video it really helped me with FSX and DX10: 


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