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  1. This was a really old, original post, and looking at his specs, he's a P3D v4 user, not an FSX user.
  2. The Fixer only fixes those anomalies listed above when the DX10 option is ticked in FSX. The "Cloud Shadows" DX10 Fixer addon allows for cloud shadows to appear on the ground. That feature isn't included with just the DX10 Fixer. I can't vouch for Active Sky one way or another.
  3. Completely went back to Fixer 3.4 and Shadows 1_10_0 and all is well. (I think. At least FSX executes.)
  4. Uninstalled, reinstalled and back to 3.4. FSX runs.Will hold off on trying to install any version of Cloud Shadows for now. Steve
  5. Reverted to Fixer 3.4 and uninstalled Cloud Shadows and FSX starts. Installed Cloud Shadows 1_10-0 and problem back. Oddly. when I did this, Fixer says it's now ver 4.0.
  6. I get an error message when running the Cloud Shadows 1.12 installer. It won't patch my Scenery Fixer (purchased through FSS.) error is: The installation did not complete successfully. Error details. Patching failed for file C:\SteveFx\DX10 Cloud Shadows\Cloud Patch5.dll (0) System Error Was 2. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to retry the installation, as suggested. No luck.I don't even know if Cloud Shadows was updated either. Thanks
  7. If you're using Steve's DX10 Fixer then AddonConverterX is unnecessary. Been there, done that. I don't have Steam, but I know that at times times in the past if I multitasked or did something else when FSX was trying to load, I've had the same experience. Don't try to do something else when Steam is loading; just sit there and twiddle your thumbs instead.
  8. Obviously you had a very basic installation with minimal addons to begin with, and still do, in order to be back up and running so quickly. Glad it worked for you, but for most people reinstallation is too radical of an option to even consider at the drop of a hat.
  9. I have roughly the same system specs and have no trouble running DX10.
  10. Why don't you just backup your entire effects folder for safe keeping and then convert the effects and see what happens. If things don't work out just restore the backup. Easy way to test.
  11. Buy Steve's DX10 Fixer instead of using the DX10 checkbox. Better than P3D and without all of the P3D drama, IMO.
  12. While FSX is loading don't do anything else on your computer; just wait for it to load and see what happens. This used to happen to me if I multitaksed in the background during load times.
  13. Go ahead and post the pics and provide details as to what objects they are. I have all RWY12 objects working in DX10.
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