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  1. I have had it happen to me a couple times lately as well. I thought it might have been related to hydraulic pressure, because I had forgotten to switch the hydraulics back to high the last time it happened. I have been more diligent and I haven't had it happen again. However, when it does happen, as mentioned, there is zero possibility of getting under control again.
  2. Ricardo41: So, dial the negative number in the trim, using the trim wheel if you don't have a trim button. It is the setting required for takeoff with that load. Negative or not, it does work. - Roger
  3. Rob: Not only the no kids, but no tips, no extra for drinks, and the list goes on. Mr Branson may revolutionize cruising prices. As a retired trades worker, I certainly do not consider myself a "wealthy elite", but I must confess I look forward to a cruise as an escape from the nasty Canadian winters, and a chance to relax a bit. I hate to say it, but I believe planes carry first world pollution to more corners of the world than cruise ships. I would not be surprised that you really like Scarlet Lady - Roger Neves
  4. Jammin16: The most common culprit is "Prepar3D. config". It is located C:\Users\ ----\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. Simply remove that file (Use cut and paste it somewhere handy). Restart P3D , it will rebuild the file and all should be good. If you have to edit this file, ensure you don't use a regular word editor. That will most often result in P3D not starting. Use "notepad++" or something similar. - Roger
  5. The livery manager is in the load manager. It is a rectangular button on the right hand side of "General" tab.
  6. Get the freeware "Addon Organizer for Prepar3D" by Lorby-SI It will allow you to do that. Roger Neves
  7. Hello There: I get a "light piston plane" engine running sound at all airports. Strangely enough, the quick fix was to place the slider for :Airport Vehicle Density to none. How that got rid of that noise I can't explain, but it worked for me. - Roger
  8. Hello Ronny: I tend to agree with Jason. I find it quite nice already. Don't get me wrong, there are some issues that need to be addressed, but according to the developer's forum, these are being dealt with. There are some very good people on that development team. It is a joy to fly. It also looks nice and has that McDonnell Douglas feel (even though it's a "Boeing"). For me it's a perfect short to mid range jet that is already nice and is just going to get better. A lot of the issues people have are, that, in retrospect, the plane was probably released a little early. They had a very limited number of Beta testers, and is such did not pick up a lot of the issues that appeared when released to the masses. If you purchase it and join the open beta team, you'll get the latest updates as they become available. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it if you are looking for something in this size of aircraft. - Roger Neves I
  9. OK, well, the only other thing I can think of is in the aircraft .cfg file, in the camera definitions, turn off "MomentumEffect", in other words, change MomentumEffect=True to MomentumEffect= False and give that a try. If that doesn't do it, I'm out of suggestions. - Roger
  10. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe that comes from the section in the fsx config called "Dynamic Head Movement" My understanding is that is supposed to simulate normal movement of a persons body due to the movement of the aircraft. Try setting the values in that section of the config to "0". - Roger
  11. Hello Dave: I t shouldn't matter where your scenery is. Mine is located in numerous places, some not in the FS folder. The scenery to be added needs to be placed in a folder, and that folder given a name, eg: JFK New York (or what ever you want to call it). Inside that folder, there needs to be a folder called "scenery" (no quotation marks), bgl's are placed in that folder. If there are any texture files with the download, another folder called "texture" (again no quotation marks) needs to be made in the JFK New York folder, and those files placed there. If there are no texture files to be added, do not make a "texture" folder. Read the read me files with the download. Most have instructions on what files to place where. Next, you need to add the scenery to your library. This is done while the sim is running. Select "settings" from the left hand menu when FS starts, From the page that comes up, on the right hand side, select "scenery library" from the "other settings" menu. Next select "add area" and then, with the "select scenery directory" menu that pops up, browse and click on the JFK New York folder (if that's what you called it) until the folder name shows up at the top of the "select scenery directory" box. At that time the scenery and texture folders you have made in your new folder will be visible in this pop-up box. Next click "OK", and then click again anywhere on the box that shows the scenery and texture folders. Your scenery is now added to the library, and should then be visible. There are also several freeware scenery library management programs that will do this for you. I use one called SceneryConfigEditor. it is somewhat easier to use than this method. In order to show up, the scenery must be located "above" the default scenery in the library menu, which strangely enough means it has to have a lower priority number. This number can be found in the same place you added the scenery in FS. I hope this helps. If not give us a bit more specific information and I'm sure we'll get you underway. - Roger Neves
  12. Hello Haseen: I don't have the Arrow, so I can't comment on that. I'm using the HS748 in Steam on Windows 10 64 bit, DX10. Nice looking outside. The VC is a little on the cartoonish side, but better than most of their offerings. Systemwise it is fairly good, but Rick Piper's freeware HS748 is better, especially in regards to the fuel trimmers. As far as the autopilot goes, it leaves a bit to be desired. It is definitely better than those on some of their other offerings. When they originally offered the HS748, the AP worked quite well. Whatever they did in the original service pack affected the AP and it is a bit wonky now, Once you figure out how to work it - it doesn't work as the manual says, it is useable. Flight dynamics, again, not bad but there are a few items like "pitch" that are off. My biggest beef with Just Flight - at least the products made by Airplane Heaven, is their continued promise of it will be looked after in the next service pack. Well, it has been years for some of these products and those promised service packs have yet to arrive. If you haven't tried Rick Piper's freeeware, give it a go before you buy this. If you're having problems with getting that to work right on your system, and you definitely want an HS748, Just Flight's is not a total waste of money. - Roger Neves
  13. Hi Bill: Wow, good to know about the weight, I wound never have thought of that. I'll give it a try - Roger
  14. Hi Ed: Sorry it took me a while to get back to you , work life is quite busy right now. I do agree with you on the ground handling, the brakes are going to run quite hot in this for sure. - Roger Neves Hi Bill: Re the ADF: Make sure the rotary knob on the upper right of the ADF radio is selected to "ADF" The RMI gauge is located bottom left of the pilots panel. The desired knob must be selected to ADF. The needle will then turn to the NDB - Roger
  15. Hi Folks: I purchased it as well, and was prepared for the worst. I do agree with all of Ed's assessments. The VC has a sort of "cartoonish" look to it, but in all fairness, it's not that bad, and it is significantly better than their earlier efforts. It installed easily, and the good news is this thing works well. I have only done the introductory flight, but every knob and switch seemed to work as promised. It seems to handle as it should. It met v speeds as listed, handled nicely manually, and the autopilot worked as it should when I got a little lazy. In short, other than the graphics in the VC, this is a pretty nice plane. I would say this is quite close, systems wise to Rick Pipers version, but it's been a while since I last flew that! - Roger
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