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  1. You are too close to your selected speed and the speed is increasing too fast when you turn on the autopilot and reduce throttle to climb. The engines, not long the aircraft, have no chance to slow down in that time frame. Your initial angle of climb needs to be steeper to keep your speed increase down. The initial climb angle on an A320 should be between 15-20 degrees, you are only at ten. You can still turn your autopilot on and go to climb at the same altitude you did, but then the plane will be going slower and has time to respond. Unfortunately, the PFD bars in the default do not give you proper direction, as you are supposed to be able to just follow them.
  2. Heavy Approach: Any .jsn file will do. It cannot make one, it will rewrite any you put in there, so just copy any one and put it in the file as well, and run layout gen again
  3. Use MSFS layout generator. You place it in the affected file, run it and it will produce the .jsn file.
  4. Laugh my head off. I take it Les Nesman never heard of this event either, huh!!
  5. It's "noise" from the controller causing the autopilot to fail. You have to set the deadzone big enough to exclude the noise. Every controller is different.
  6. That's a "cure" for this issue. Some have had success by setting a deadzone of up to 7-8%
  7. I purchased CYHZ and I am pleased with it. I have had his versions since FSX days. The scenery is well placed into the surrounding area, and is a very good representation of CYHZ. I live in the area and am quite familiar with it. Even small details like the overhead signs on the roads are there. It isn't 100% perfect, but it is quite realistic. As with any addon, the installer adds it to the Community folder.
  8. No, I tried the TBM and did not have any reflections either. I have them set for ULTRA
  9. Who really knows? Until we get all these things in the sim, I doubt anyone really does. I have a mid range system, and I'm quite happy with performance. However, I agree with kerosen31, the commercial airliner flights leave a whole lot to be desired.
  10. It is always nice to be able to see from both sides! Thank you.
  11. It was doing that with the original release, then it stopped, I believe with the first update. As you can see it's back again.
  12. As far as I can tell, it isn't on the 320. Turning the switches to VOR on the glareshield and loading a frequency in either Nav only brings up a rounded off version of the frequency (115.15 becomes 115.2) on the ND display. No arrows or DME readings are displayed.
  13. Under Options, General, Camera, Cockpit Camera, you can adjust the height and side to side head position.
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