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Hello Staff Mods and Forum designers,

I know its early days getting to know your brand spanking new IPS4, there are many tweaks you have planned and are yet to implement, familiarize, and knock into shape. No doubt you have discovered already as have other early adopters, that certain features of the old style board will unfortunately not make it back into this IPS4 version. For the most part it is just a learning curve we must all learn to live with, as security and ongoing support are essential to a smooth running Website/Forum. (Emogies are not so good in this version as some have discovered already, as well as the right panel message board can be tricky to implement with features that can nolonger be switched on and off by user. Visual page styles (White Backgrounds) are not so easy on old eyes either. Simple forum navigation can also be a chore when topics are long). There are however new features that users will learn to love in time.

There is however one small feature you may wish to adjust, with regard to page display functionality, where the current page style settings are limiting the white content area to the middle of the screen. The page remains unchanged in dimension or size when browser zoom is used. The font size does increase but your page size remains static. (This may have something to do with Tab Menu & Banner width)

Browsing other forums who have been using the IPS4 Forum Suite for some time, you will see that their pages stretch to the full Horizontal extent of a wide screen monitor, which will then enable the horizontal scrollbar once the zoom limits go above 160.

Kind Regards Jethro.

Screenshot of what it looks like on my screen using IE11 1080x1920 24" Wide screen monitor.


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I see what you mean.  I think this has something to do with our responsive site settings.  Responsive mode auto adjusts containers, hides elements, and even reorganizes the page based on width of the device's screen or the zoom settings.  This is what actually triggers mobile mode now.  Being it's very in depth, I'll be honest and say I don't think we will be messing with those settings (at least not in the near future).  I will keep it in mind though as I hunt around for more improvements.

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You are using the desktop version of the forums on your mobile device.  Here's a link to show you how to go to the mobile version -

This should work with any mobile device like a tablet or i-pad too as it is the browser setting that must be changed.

Best regards,


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Thankyou Chase & Jim,

I've only ever viewed the site on a PC with widescreen monitor, I'll work with it in its current format as I do on other sites using IPS4 and let you guys get on with more important adjustments and features.  Congrats on getting the new IPSuite up and running with a minimum of fuss.

Cheers Jethro

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