XP10 / Night lightning tractors

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Hello, when I do a flight at night I was always wondering about an ocean out of red and white lights on the ground. They are visible until very far distance. I found out that theese are the lights of the static tractors on the ground. Is it possible to deactivate theese lights or better remove theese tractros completly? Please see the pictures attached.





Thanks for any kind of help



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Go into Custom Scenery/world-models/decorations and find the file tracteur_static.obj and open it up in a text editor .

At the end of the file are a load of lines that begin with LIGHT_NAMED, just delete them, ie.

LIGHT_NAMED taillight 1.137030 1.671220 1.416360
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight 0.078448 1.473040 -2.832700
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight -0.520941 2.871980 -1.066660
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight 0.495906 2.871790 -1.066490
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight 0.676381 2.872530 -1.066490
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight -0.701417 2.871480 -1.066370
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight -0.094112 1.472300 -2.832700
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight -0.387515 2.842020 0.949685
LIGHT_NAMED HGV_headlight 0.369974 2.842020 0.949685
LIGHT_NAMED taillight -3.399970 0.668860 3.876720
LIGHT_NAMED taillight 3.409710 0.668850 3.876700
LIGHT_NAMED taillight -1.170710 1.671400 1.416250

You'll still have the tractors, but no lights at night from them

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Awesome. Thanks alot. I was looking everywhere for a file something with "tractor" not "tractEUr" ;-)

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Just a few days ago, I saw a tractor during dawn and the big lights are quite realistic - see here.


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