All Vatsim GA traffic are white CRJ-700s

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So I always love flying GA on Vatsim and just the other night there was an event in my home state with the airport of my first flight lesson staffed and I was so happy about this, I flew to and from all airports in a circle the entire 3 hours of the event. But I noticed all of the other GA aircraft were white CRJ 700s with the gear up, that was pretty annoying and I cannot seem to find a whole lot of full GA freeware packages. Any suggestions?

On an unrelated but still important note: When I was flying my A2A C172 every takeoff and landing there was this horrific glitch where the airplane would turn left and right, pitch up and down and get thrown into all directions. I had no control and max winds were 7 knots with no report of windshear or anything like that. One landing was so bad, I was completely stable on the approach, then over the threshold, the airplane was glitching out so bad it threw me to the left of the runway to where I was not actually on the runway. I saw something very similar in a YouTube video with an A2A Comanche. And I'm trying not to make this seem like the main problem its just something to throw in there because it happened the same night.


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Are you using vPilot to connect?  If so, have you done any of the model matching yet.  You can create a custom one if you wish, but there are also files available within vPilot.


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Yes I am using vPilot and have done all the model matching with WOAI but there don't really seem to be very many GA model matching packs out there.

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A quick fix will be to select a GA model as your default AI in VPilot until you can build out your library.  At least the aircraft type will be roughly appropriate.  

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