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Question about weights 777W

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Would someone explain the discrepancy between the weights as shown below, i.e., Empty Weight in [General] as 326,000 lbs and [WEIGHT AND BALANCE] 369364.679.  Or MTOW 766,000 vs. 775,000.  I'm particularly interested in this for the purpose of setting up the aircraft in PFPX.  I assume I should just go with the numbers in the FMC but there's a lot of difference between a ZFW of 326.0 and 369.4??????  Thanks.


performance="Cruise Speed\nMach .84\n\nEngines\nGeneral Electric GE90-115B rated at 115,300 lbs / 489 kN \n\nMaximum Range\n9,395 nm / 10,812 mi / 17,395 km\n\nService Ceiling\n43,100 ft / 13,135 m\n\nFuel Capacity\n53,515 gal / 202,570 L\n\nEmpty Weight\n326,000 lb / 147,870 kg\n\nMaximum Takeoff Weight\n766,000 lb / 347,450 kg\n\nLength\n209 ft, 1 in / 63.7 m\n\nWingspan\n212 ft, 9 in / 64.8 m\n\nHeight\n61 ft, 6 in / 18.6 m"
Category = airplane

reference_datum_position     =  0.00, 0, 0.0    // REF : Model        103.78 to nose [3.4]
empty_weight_CG_position     = -6.01, 0, 1.29   //       Boeing WBM 1245.36-117.5in BA

empty_weight = 369364.679       // Basic operating weight (line)
max_gross_weight = 777000.0      // Max taxi weight
max_takeoff_weight = 775000.0
max_zerofuel_weight = 524000.0
max_landing_weight = 554000.0

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The General section is just narrative text... maybe that could have been changed at one time and forgotten.  Definitely use the weight and balance section figures for PFPX if they are available.  You can get the maximum fuel from the FMS simply by loading fuel to 100% and noting the value.  The number of pax and maximum cargo values can be anything.. they mean nothing in as much as the value than counts when you load the aircraft is MZFW.

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Remember also that one is the Empty Weight and the other the operating weight. The latter is most probably what PMDG selected as the average weight of 777's configured with all crew, their luggage and additional more complex seating configuration. Which all adds weight. As said before... weight and balance section has the more correct info and matches the FMC. 

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