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Hi Petraeus,

Aerosoft staff stressed on their forum that this date is just a placeholder. For whatever reason their online store needs a date, but that's not necessarily the actual release date.

Having said that, last week Aerosoft invited 15 new beta testers, which means they are confident enough to give the plane in the hands of some ordinary simmers. They also released the final version of the AOM.


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Either way this aircraft will be welcome to my library.

I hope that Aerosoft is also ready for the future (64-bit) sim, and I hope we wont have to wait too long for an update when the time comes. Being able to do them KLGA/KBOS, EGLL/EHAM, and RJAA/RJBB flights (along with scores of others), with a detailed CRJ, and max scenery details (with a 64-bit sim and a power PC), will be a very welcome treat.:biggrin: 

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